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10 ways to fly profitably

If you decide to buy a ticket on the Internet, then you should take it very seriously. It is well known that this type of purchase is slightly cheaper than the special agencies and sales offices. But not to make unforgivable mistakes, it is necessary to know some nuances, which will be discussed further. With these 10 tips you can learn how to buy a ticket on the Internet profitable.


1. If you have decided to buy a cheap ticket, you should be familiar with the so-called “rule of the resurrection.” It is to be carried out in the place of destination to return the night departure from Saturday to Sunday. More rate will be lower than if you spend at the destination at least 3 days. If it so happens that you have to fly all day – two, then, alas, this saving will not work.

2. If the trip you spend a month, the rate will also be lower.

3. Each airline has special offers that give their customers the best conditions for a cheap trip. The largest airline in which you apply, the better will be the proposal. Well, in order to keep abreast of all the news, it is worth to find the email address you are interested in the company and simply subscribe to the newsletter.

4. Be sure to book your flights in advance. Tickets purchased for the day – two before departure, will never be cheaper than the one that you will gain in a month. Plan your trip in advance and book a place at least 6 months before the scheduled date.

5. The airline also there is such a thing as “season”. During the holidays all companies are beginning to raise tariffs. The same applies to the large and well-known festivals such as Christmas and New Year.

6. It happens, and a case where the cost of the ticket for the flight on a weekday is less than the output. Saturday flights occur at somewhat inflated prices. Also, the price of air tickets can also depend on what time of day the flight takes off. In this case, will be late morning, and the least expensive trip.

7. There is a so-called round-trip. This term includes tickets to both sides at once. Depending on the flight, the flight one-way will cost more.

8. And, of course, you can find a budget airline. Airfare will be quite acceptable, however, keep in mind that the service will be appropriate. If you’re ready for this, it is ideal.

9. Connecting flights are much more expensive than usual. But it is not reassuring yourself, because in them you have to pay for taxes and some airport charges.

10. So where’s all the same to buy tickets? Reservation overshooting takes place at the company’s website on the search engines flight services.