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2 ноября на China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition-2016 состоится "Русский час" People’s Republic of China is one of the most reliable Russian partners in the field of helicopter industry and a growing market for the supply of helicopters. 2 November in the framework of the international exhibition China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition 2016 in Zhuhai will host the “Russian hour” a regular event held for the promotion of Russian helicopters at the global market. Organizer of the “Russian hour” is the Association of the Helicopter Industry, General sponsor of the event the holding company “Helicopters of Russia”.

“Russian hour” in China will be dedicated to the possibilities of new and upgraded Russian-made helicopters in relation to the interests of the Chinese operators. The event will include representatives of the holding “Helicopters of Russia”, which will tell the participants about the multipurpose Mi-171 helicopter with engines Klimov VK-2500 heavy transport Mi-26TS, and a new light helicopter “Ansat”, the system of PPO.

According to the beginning of 2016, the civilian fleet of helicopters in China does not exceed 400 units, which is extremely low for a country of this magnitude. Considerable attention is paid to the Chinese market all the major manufacturers of helicopters in the world, Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, Robinson Helicopter Company Helicopters and Finmeccanica. A strong position in the Chinese market is a production of the holding “Helicopters of Russia”.

The first deliveries of Russian helicopters to China began with the development in the production of “Kazan helicopter plant” the first production models of the lightweight Mi-1. Subsequently, the Mi-4 were produced under license in the Chinese company Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation, part of the largest Chinese aircraft Corporation AVIC. Also, the country supplied the heavy helicopters of the types Mi-6 and Mi-26 multipurpose helicopters Mi-8/17, China also won numerous fleet of helicopters with coaxial rotors of the Ka-32A11BC. Naval forces of China use helicopters Ka-28 and Ka-31.

With the growing need for reliable, and versatile helicopters of different classes, “Helicopters of Russia” is ready to offer a diversified lineup technology partners and all the necessary related services. An example of successful cooperation of Russia and China may currently serve the project in joint development of advanced heavy-lift helicopter for the Chinese market, which received the designation of Advanced Heavy Lift.

“Russian hour” in China will provide an opportunity for regional operators to get more information about Russian helicopters, and to explore their potential in relation to their needs, and meet with the program after-sales service offered by the holding company “Helicopters of Russia”.

The previous “Russian hour” took place in September of this year in Australia at the conference Aerial Firefighting Asia Pacific and its main themes included the experience of the Russian operators in the field of aerial firefighting and the possibility of Russian helicopters to fight the fires. Also the “Russian hour” was conducted by the Association of Helicopter Industries in the United States and France in the exhibition Heli-Expo and Paris Air Show, respectively.

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