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Менеджмент "Трансаэро" пытается реанимировать авиакомпанию

A management “Transaero” has prepared the launch plan of a new airline on the basis of “Transaero”, the press service of the company.

According to the regulation of activities, the company must submit a plan to the Board of Directors for its approval. This will be done November 4, 2016.

“However, given the situation, in any case, the final decision on the plan will be made by the creditors”, — noted in “Transaero”.

That the leadership of a bankrupt airline intends to discuss a possible resumption of the activities, it became known on Wednesday morning. At the same time, the action “Transaero” has accelerated the growth and rise more than 60% on the information about the possibility of restoring activities of the company.

To 14.40 MSK shares “Transaero” has grown at 61,88% to 6.2 rubles (have already jumped on 79,9% to 6.89 ruble). The MICEX index decreased by 0.49%, according to data from the Moscow exchange.

Georgy Vashchenko from the company “freedom Finance” believes that the return of Transaero to the market is still extremely unlikely event.

“In fact, conditions for the resumption of flights does not (missing material and technical base, personnel, permits), and in addition, remains unresolved huge debt, and create from scratch an airline easier than to revive the business under the same legal entity”, — he said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Apparently, the stock for some time will rise, but will soon return to their former values, he said.