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ААК "Прогресс" реализовала широкомасштабный профориентационный проект "Эра инженеров" Large-scale career guidance project “age of engineers” was launched in the city of Arsenyev Primorsky Krai in the end of October this year. It was organized by Arsenyev aviation company “Progress” to them. N. And.Sazykina of the holding “Russian Helicopters” (part of state Corporation rostec) and the seaside regional branch of the Union of machine builders of Russia. This reports the press service of the holding.

“Era engineers” is a project aimed at promoting the engineering professions among young people, raising awareness about the diversity of engineering specialties in the engineering industry, delivering information to school leavers about opportunities for further targeted training on a tripartite agreement “the UNIVERSITY enterprise – student”. The idea of its creation belongs to the office of personnel management, OAO AAK Progress, which conducts regular work on vocational guidance among pupils and students not only in Arsenyev, but in the other cities of the region and the country. However, this project was really innovative at the expense of the various programs and unusual form of communication with the audience.

In preparation for vocational activities which was conducted jointly with the Department of education Arsenyev urban district (AGO), city schools conducted a preliminary test that allowed us to choose from among the pupils of 10th and 11th grades target audience students with a penchant for technical careers and interested in engineering professions. In addition to high school students, October 21, at the opening ceremony of the project “age of engineers” gathered the representatives of OJSC AAK “Progress”, branch of far Eastern Federal University in Arsenyev city, Board of education of AGO, city employment Center, Training center, Tutors, teachers and other interested persons.

With a welcoming speech of the Deputy managing Director of OJSC AAK “Progress” for personnel management Evgeny Makarov, who spoke about the contribution of engineers in the development of Russia and the prestige of engineering education. In confirmation of his words the meeting was attended by young specialists of PJSC AAK “Progress”, which on a personal example has told, how received engineering degree helped them to build a successful career at the largest machine building enterprise of the city and region.

The final of the project “age of engineers” was an excursion to PJSC AAK “Progress”, during which pupils visited the Museum under the open sky, where the exhibited samples of equipment produced by the enterprise in various years, as well as machine shop software machining parts is one of the most advanced and highly equipped divisions of the airline. In the shop is made by software processing of details on modern machines with numerical control, by which equipment such as lathe and milling machines that were previously managed by the person, now are controlled by computer module.

“In this project we managed to use just three age categories of target audience: it students of the 10th and 11th grades, students of branch of far Eastern Federal University in Arsenyev city, as well as young specialists of the enterprise, – said Evgeny Makarov. – Department of education Arsenyev urban district praised our work and offered to make an annual event, so our plan is to continue the implementation of the “age of engineers”, not only in our city but in other parts of the province and possibly the country.”