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Около 150 рейсов задержали и отменили в аэропортах Москвы днем в пятницу More than 80 flights canceled at the Moscow airports “Domodedovo” and “Sheremetyevo” on Friday afternoon, and about 60 flights have been delayed, according to the website of the service “Yandex. The schedule”. This writes RIAMA.

Earlier on it was reported that on the morning in Moscow airports canceled 75 flights and delayed about 40.

As follows from the data service at the airport “Domodedovo” 26 flights delayed, nine cancelled. At the airport “Sheremetyevo” canceled 76 flights and 33 flight delayed. Data about delayed and cancelled flights at the airports “Vnukovo” and “Zhukovskiy” no.

On the morning of 10 November in the Moscow region the snow gave way to freezing rain, roads in some areas was covered with an ice crust. All these factors complicated the situation on the roads. Forecasters predict freezing rain on Friday. Drivers asked to avoid traveling on private transport due to the bad weather. On Friday, several trains were delayed because of icing of the contact network.