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"Аэрофлот" отменяет 12 и 13 ноября ряд рейсов из-за плохой погоды

The airline “Aeroflot” in connection with adverse weather conditions at the airport “Sheremetyevo” 71 cancels the flight, scheduled for November 12 and also 11 flights on November 13, soobshaet the press service of the carrier.

Thus, on November 11 canceled 24 flights from Moscow and 20 flights to Moscow, November 12 – 40 flights out of the capital and 31 flight in the opposite direction. On 13 November, the carrier cancels 11 flights in the direction “Sheremetyevo”.

Also on November 11-12, dozens of flights of “Aeroflot” in Moscow delayed.

Earlier it was reported that “Aeroflot” on November 10-11, delays the departure and arrival of the flights 28 and 48 cancels flights from “Sheremetyevo”.

The hydrometcentre of Russia on Thursday warned that residents of the capital region in the coming days should not wait for the weather to improve. “On 10 November in Moscow and Moscow region will continue to snow, sleet, turning into rain, on roads strong ice, in the evening in the warm sector of the cyclone in Moscow will become warmer to 0…+2 degrees, on area — to -3…+2 degrees,” — said in a press release.

Forecasters say that on 11 November precipitation will be in the form of rain, sleet, sometimes they will be strong in some areas is projected to sleet. The temperature in Moscow 0…+2 degrees, the region -1…+4 degrees. Late in the evening on Friday and Saturday is expected to be the passage of a cold atmospheric front.

November 12, forecasters expect snow, Blizzard, snow drifts and strong black ice. Temperature in Moscow during the day -6…-4 degrees, on area -8…-3 degrees.

According to forecasts of Hydrometeorology, 13 November due to the ongoing growth of atmospheric pressure in cloud cover appears clarifying, in places will pass a light snow. The temperature in Moscow at night -6…-4 degrees, on area -9…-4 degrees, sometimes up to -14 degrees, in the afternoon in Moscow -4…-2 degrees, the region -7…-2 degrees.

At the beginning of a new week in the capital region will come a new southern cyclone. Monday, November 14, will moderate snow, the temperature will be -9…-4 C at night and -6…-1 degree day. Tuesday, 15 November, in places will pass a light snow. Night temperature will drop to -13…-8 C in the daytime will not rise above -11…-6 degrees, according to Interfax.