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Affiliate Program tickets

Do you have a website or blog about tourism and travel, forum or regional portal? Affiliate flights will allow searching cheap flights directly on your website and earn money from sold tickets and other products from 50 to 70% of income aviaseller.su.

Who can become our partner?

– The owners of sites (recommended subjects: tourism, travel, regional portals, women’s sites, forums, etc.);
– Bloggers;
– The owners of groups in social networks (Twitter, VK, Facebook, Classmates, etc.);
– SEO-specialists;
– Travel;
– And everyone who wants to earn on the sale of tickets .

How does it work?

You place the flight search form on your site. If the user is interested in buying a ticket, and the form is clearly visible on the page, it looks for ticket reservation and buys it. You get a commission of 50-70% of our income from the tickets sold. In addition, we pay a fee for the reservation of hotels and other useful products.

How much money you can earn on an affiliate program aviaseller.su?

We share with partners 50-70% of the income received by us from agencies (in our average income is about 2.2% of the cost of the ticket).
The specific percentage (50, 60 or 70%) depends on the amount of income derived from traffic Aviaseller.su partner (for a month), as well as the method of payment of the commission.

Payment of commission is made from 11 to 20 of each month for the previous one. Learn more about the methods of payment of a commission here.

How are sales?

To take into account sales, we use the Affiliate ID and cookie. We store the cookie of users for 30 days. This means that even if a user makes a purchase immediately, but within a month after the first transition c your website aviaseller.su, we counted the sale, and you get a commission.

An important point: if a user performs a search of tickets for 30 days, each time we renew the search for the user’s cookie for another 30 days. Thus, the shelf life of cookies in our affiliate program can be vechnym- did not offer none Travel affiliate program !

How to view sales statistics?

statistics purchases of your visitors can look in on-line mode in a private office for the partners. You will be able to analyze the number of searches, bookings and sales. Improve your website, and concentrating on the most profitable traffic sources, you can see how your income will increase.

Referral Program

Referral Program – this is an additional way to earn money by attracting new partners. You place a link to the registration of the program with your partner marker and get 5% of our revenue generated by your referrals (partners who register through your link).

Affiliate Tools

We offer a large variety of tools, including links, search modules, banners, white label and API.

The Aviaseller better than others?

– Aviaseller.su – the largest and most well-known Russian metapoiskovik tickets. Our users buy tens of thousands of tickets every month. Due to our volume we are able to receive the maximum commission agency and airline, 2-3 times more than they pay someone else. 70, or even 50% of that amount – more than you could get by working directly with them .

– We offer the widest range of tickets, working with Russian and foreign partners, as well as directly with the airlines. We provide an objective picture of the user on the prices of airline tickets to the leading agencies and airlines, he did not need to look for tickets to somewhere else. This means that with a high probability the user will find and buy the right ticket to it by searching aviaseller.su.

– We pay not only for tickets, but also for any other travel product, advertised on our website. Maximum revenue per user – our main goal .

– We are afileytnym marketing on the Internet and manage affiliate programs for more than 11 years. Our experience allows us to get the most out of your traffic. By knowing yourself is not an easy work of webmasters, we generously share our income and knowledge with partners.

– We invest millions of rubles in the improvement of the core and interface of our search engine, create new services for the users of the site, connect the new agencies and airlines. Thus we are able to maximize the conversion of users into real buyers.

– We do not impose restrictions on traffic or theme of the site – to join our affiliate program everyone can. When you register, we do not require to sign a pile of documents, and to provide detailed information – the whole process takes a few minutes .

– To work with the partners we use help-desk Zendesk system. This means that any of your appeal will be processed by our partner support team in the shortest possible time.

How can I connect?

  • Go to link and sign up for the affiliate program.

  • Within a few minutes on email, specified at registration, will be sent a link to activate your account. After clicking on the link you will have access to the Personal Area.

  • From the dashboard, copy the search form code and install it on your site.

  • Make the form visible, encourages users to search for tickets and make money!


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