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Air France создаст отдельную авиакомпанию для дальнемагистральных рейсов

French carrier Air France plans to announce the creation of a subsidiary that will fly for long distances, reports Agence France Presse with reference to sources in the Board of the organization.

According to the Agency, on the establishment of a subsidiary could be announced as early as Thursday, when the new head of Air France Frank Turner will officially inform about the plans for the development of the Corporation.

According to the newspaper Tribune, for a subsidiary of the company may open new directions. It is planned that on her flights will use the Airbus A340 and Airbus A350, which will begin in early 2019.

On Wednesday it became known that the new head of the Air France appointed Executive Vice President engineering and technical services to the parent company Air France — KLM Frank Turner. The current head of Air France, Frederic Drywall, also heads the Board of Directors of the company, will leave both posts and will take the place of the chief Finance Director of Air France — KLM.

Air France was formed in 1933. It is based in the Paris international airport of a name of Charles de Gaulle. The total number of employees of the company about 58.5 thousand people, of which about 19.3 thousand — flight crews. In 2004 Air France merged with Dutch airline KLM. The headquarters of the combined firm is located in Paris. Air France — KLM operates flights to 124 countries for 254 destinations.