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Арабская авиакомпания посоветовала успеть слетать в США до инаугурации Трампа

The national airline of Jordan is Royal Jordanian published on Tuesday, November 8, in his microblog on Twitter advertising the position associated with the presidential election in the United States.

“Just, if Donald trump wins. Please visit US, yet you are allowed. Be a Jordanian. Be smart. Fly with Royal Jordanian” call the representatives of the carrier.

At the time of this writing, the post received nearly 3.9 thousand retweets and 2.3 million likes.

In March, trump said that a huge number of Muslims hates America. The politician then called to solve the problem, and not hide behind political correctness. In December 2015, the Republican called for “General and complete ban” on entry to USA for Muslims, while intelligence agencies “investigate the situation” with radicalism.

Wednesday, November 9, it became known about a victory of trump’s presidential elections. The politician promised to be President for all citizens of the country. His inauguration is scheduled for 20 January 2017.