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Аркадий Ротенберг не исключил возможности консолидации в будущем аэропортов Московского авиаузла Businessman Arkady Rotenberg declared that does not exclude the possibility of consolidation of the airports of Moscow aviation hub in the future. He declared it in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”, reports TASS.

“We tried to think from the very beginning. Came to the conclusion that each is to develop its own airport. Then we will think, do I need all this to consolidate into a single Moscow node. I think the idea could be and I had to do it, but again it is a question of the future,” said Rotenberg.

The businessman also added that he had not thought about buying shares in another airport. “While we are doing “Sheremetyevo” and all the forces put there to not be wasted”, he said. Rothenberg, together with partners, is the controlling shareholder of TPS Avia, which owns part of the LLC “Sheremetyevo holding”.

Moscow aviation node system of the airports of Moscow and Moscow region. Its main elements are the international airports “Vnukovo” “Domodedovo” and “Sheremetyevo”.