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Как с авиакомпании получить компенсацию за задержку рейса

In Russia started service Compensair aid in obtaining compensation from airlines for flight delays.

It is noted that to receive compensation if the flight is delayed only if the departure was postponed for at least three hours. In addition, the starting point of the trip needs to be in the territory of the European Union or the flight must be carried out by the European carrier. Such limitations arise from the fact that the service works only in the framework of EU law.

According Compensair, the average amount of compensation for the delay is 450 euros, the maximum is 600 euros. For its services, the company retains 25% Commission. As the saying goes — nothing personal, just business.

The new service, commented in a Radio interview with Business FM, founder and CEO Compensair Roman Gilmanov.

The Statute of limitations in this case can be from two to six years depending on what airline you were flying. Your task as a customer to remember about this voyage, when he was, or if he is, you can go and apply to fill in for a few minute information about your flight and we will go from there. Within a few months we will communicate with the airline to file claims to involve our lawyers to work and try to achieve pre-trial settlement. If it does not, go to court. And with you we will take 25% only if we win.

Yes, that’s right, a model of no win no fee (the client pays no Commission if you lose the case).

He, at any stage contribute nothing. When we translate him compensation, we just held the Commission.

On average, if we solve the problem of pre-trial, it takes about 2-2. 5 months. If we go to court, it added more time to the proceedings in the court, it may take several more months.

A person’s citizenship has no brand value. Here it is important flight. The flight must be performed either by a European airline, then absolutely any flight or if the airline is not European, that the flight should be made of the EU.

Yes, this is the case we take to work.

At the moment we are studying these opportunities. The fact that we started to work with Europe for the reason that there’s more amount, and it is more attractive for passengers. Just if the amount is small, it may not motivate passengers to apply to us, not to mention the fact that it takes a long time, and the total amount will be small.

The experience Compensair, are approved about 65% of cases. According to the words of the founder of the service, are approximately 2000 applications for compensation from airlines.

Development Director in CIS, the company “Air Charter service” Sergey Vekhov believes that such service is necessary for the Russian market:

“Very few organizations that actually protect the rights of passengers. Operators are now doing is in fact what you want. Few can for us, for passengers to stand up. It is in order to help disgruntled passengers, disillusioned, delayed passengers, this service is very much needed and will be very relevant. I think if people are really going to be able to organize work effectively to obtain compensation and the refund, any passenger would be happy to share 20%. That is a very promising business. For example, any business on protection of consumers ‘interests in Russia, if it leads to positive results, will always be profitable, because that is what you have, it is far from perfect”.