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AZUR air в октябре заняла второе место среди крупных чартерных перевозчиков по пунктуальности Today, Sony has published information about delays of scheduled and Charter flights for October 2016. According to published reports, the airline air AZUR is ranked second in the punctuality of flights in the reporting period. Of 514 flights taken with departures from Russia was arrested 17 that was 3.3% of the total, reported the press service of the company.

“Over the past two months the airline air AZUR is in the top three in the punctuality of the largest Charter carriers. By the way, of the 26 airlines, carried out in October, Charter flights, only seven have completed more than 100 flights in the reporting period. Thus, AZUR air twice ahead performed on the number of Charter flights in October”, – told the press service.