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Белоруссия опубликовала расшифровку угроз украинского диспетчера рейсу "Белавиа"

The Boeing 737-800. Photo: Yochai Mossi

The official newspaper of the presidential administration of Belarus “Belarus today” published a transcript of conversations of the crew of the aircraft of “Belavia” with the Ukrainian dispatcher, who said that in the event of failure indications in the air will be raised fighters.

On 21 October, Ukrainian officials are not motivated by the threat to use force, to put one hundred and forty lives of passengers and crew members, forcing him to sit down the plane Boeing 737-800 of airlines “Belavia” with almost full tanks of kerosene.

Belarusian pilots, of course, obeyed orders from earth, showing responsibility and loyalty to international standards. It is easy to imagine what was in the mind of the commander of the ship, when Kiev Manager demanded the return and a forced landing. What if the Manager knows about some fatal damage to the aircraft or on Board an explosive device? But if at the last second it was revealed that the plane — terrorists?

After landing it turned out that the culprit, a Russian journalist, citizen of Armenia A., which the Kiev SBU officers suspected in the removal or some incriminating someone paper, or electronic flash. Corny provoronil this mysterious A. at the airport, alert and annoyed counterintelligence, rather, shouted at the air traffic controller:

Like Panov-counterintelligence from zeal confused the sky with the milky way, and the passenger plane with a carriage, which costs nothing to turn the oxen back to the farm. What could be simpler? Cob–COBE!..

When I finished this amazing story with the landing, and then removing the suspicion and dismissal A. (by the Way, he’s the next plane left for Minsk), the first thing that came on mind: — Is is dangerous and rather informal initiative of some Kiev “Opera” couldn’t you just call colleagues in Minsk and under the current rules for an hour or two to hold A. at the airport, to check, if necessary, his baggage or, at worst, to wait the arrival of competent persons from Ukraine?

But, it looks like those who forced the plane with passengers to a dangerous landing, I love it when hot…

In the prescribed manner, the Belarusian officials announced in Kiev about the incident, demanding damages and take appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of similar antics. In particular, the Belarusian side jarred threats that have been voiced by Kiev air traffic controller, direct text saying that “for failure to comply with order to return to the airport “Zhulyany” will be raised combat aircraft to intercept”.

Of course, it was expected that such a regrettable incident Kiev apologize, put in place presumptuous nachalnichkov, will assure that this episode is still a sad accident, and the initiative lapsed into a rage officials of an average hand. As for the emotions and nerves of passengers and crew, and other moral and material costs — all will be reimbursed. As it should be between good and reliable partners.

Press Secretary of the security Service of Ukraine is very expressive, assured Belarusians that, first, “nothing terrible happened”, second, “safety for her and the colleagues” — the sacred cow, and as for threats about “combat aviation, you, dear Belarusian friends, do not invent anything and was not to be, because… etc.” In General, “spit in the eye”, but the honor of the uniform us more!

Especially in the Belarusian media sphere, there were defenders of the brave lads from the security service: and that supposedly happened, why raise the tide and so on… then let them show us an official transcript, then believe it.

We present a transcript, which is officially called “Text extract speech information in the flight recorders installed on…… flying In–2–840 21 October 2016”. Not, of course, to satisfy the curiosity of local skeptics, and that this became known in Kiev. Because we insist on apology, compensation for damage and taking measures to prevent anything like that. No more and no less!

So. The aircraft of the airline “Belavia” took off from the airport “Zhulyany”. The flight attendant in three languages (Belarusian, Russian and English) made the standard announcement: “Dear passengers! In a few minutes you will be offered hot and cold drinks and snack food. Please bring your seat backs to the upright position. Prepare the tables. Thank you for your attention”. Almost simultaneously, the pilot heard a voice from the earth, Manager of internal Affairs “Kiev–Radar”, providing flight, reported the following:

— Belavia–840, Kiev–Radar.

— Sluhay.

— Belavia–840, has been instructed to you, you should return to the departure airport “Zhulyany”. FOR FAILURE WILL BE RAISED COMBAT AIRCRAFT TO INTERCEPT.

— What happened?

The air cannot pass. Upon arrival, learn everything.

— I do not understand is who gave you?

Receiving no answer, the pilot is a duplicate question: — Belavia–840, who is this information passed?

— Belavia–840 — “Ukraerocentre”.

— And the reason is what?

— I was instructed to return to the aerodrome of departure.

“Jules,” right?

— Yes, only one.

Okay. Unfold.

Further, the transcript shows the talk of the crew inside the machine, the pilots, to put it mildly, concerned and annoyed, expressing assumptions about the causes of the emergency from the threat of the bookmark in the Luggage and to the conflict between the military. We will remind, in the hands of these people who do not explain anything, but only threaten military aircraft, in this moment of life 136 passengers…

Meanwhile, the Manager re-aired:

— Belavia–840, Kiev–Radar.


— Belavia–840, says the head of operations. Information about your return at the airport “Zhulyany” came FROM the MILITARY LEADERSHIP. A more detailed report will tell you after landing.

— It is clear. Return.

After the plane landed (recall from nearly full tanks of fuel, which created a huge risk for aircraft, crew and passengers!) on Board went up some civilians, called by the name of the passenger A. and took away with them.

We emphasize that after a short time, A. was released and went on the next flight.

…For the short remarks of the crew and Kyiv Manager hides a lot of stress of the Belarusian pilots who, despite the stupidity — to say the least! — official Ukrainian side, adequately fulfilled his mission and eventually brought passengers in Minsk airport.

But the skill and endurance of Belarusian pilots did not give any reason to give up on an emergency in the air over Ukraine and betray the story to oblivion.

Yes, through appropriate channels, to the official Belarusian authorities has put the Ukrainian colleagues. But we would really like to see those who are responsible for the safety of air travel, found the courage to apologize to ordinary Belarusian passengers that they were convinced to Fly to Kiev and other Ukrainian cities and return home — quickly, comfortably, and most importantly — safely!

At the moment it is known that Belarus has expressed a protest in connection with actions of Ukraine on forced return of the aircraft. Kiev still has not responded to the note of the MFA of Belarus with the incident, therefore it was decided about the publication of negotiations of the Ukrainian Manager with the Belarusian crew. In turn, the airline “Belavia” intends to demand from the enterprise “UkSATSE” reimbursement of costs associated with the return of the aircraft in “Zhulyany”.