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Buy e-tickets

Electronic tickets

This is the official document, as well as a paper ticket, which means that the agreement was concluded between the carrier and the customer. Difference between paper and e-tickets is as follows: type of electronic ticket can be bought from absolutely any location, it can not be lost or corrupt, the price of e-tickets lower than standard paper tickets.

Book your e-tickets comes as standard, as before, information about the flight is saved in paper form is not in the company’s databases.

Ordering and payment for e-tickets available and widely circulated on the Internet, but it can also be carried out through ordinary cashier and travel agency.

e-ticket forms are so called itinerary receipt, you can print them yourself after the electronic payment.

With the help of advanced search engines for the selection of the required flight buyer can choose to book and buy an electronic ticket via the Internet. In this case the choice of the passengers are some tickets that meet the buyer’s requirements by dates, and the direction of flight classes.

For flights on electronic tickets with the registration processes at the airport passenger must show the documents by which the acquisition occurs electronic tickets.

In addition, as a proof of purchase of the ticket, sometimes at the airport at passport control may be required to present the itinerary receipt which contains the necessary information about the flight, date and method of payment.

When making purchases of electronic tickets by credit card, some aviation company may require that it be shown as an additional measure of safety of flights.

Sometimes cases occur when reporting in travel trip is not necessary to purchase the paper version airline tickets. Expenditures for the purchase and use of e-tickets can be confirmed with: route-receipts, statements of bank cards, checks.

Due to the fact that the itinerary receipt is not an official document, the return of funds to the passenger for tickets nerializuemye occurs on the basis of documents that certify the identity of the passenger.