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Аэропорт Каира устанавливает новые системы безопасности At the international airport of the capital of Egypt started to introduce new systems to ensure the safety of passengers, writes Kommersant with reference to the management company of the airport.

Started the first of two phases of the program to replace obsolete and installation of new equipment involves the installation of 44 machines X Ray for screening the entrances and exits of the halls of the airport.

In addition, we will have 48 devices that can detect particles of any known explosives, the rest in Luggage, on clothes or body of the passengers. The company intends to mount a 35 biometric framework Body scan and install electronic 3-d system for checking oversized Luggage.

Earlier it was reported that a lack of confidence from the Russian side in the level of aviation security in the airports of Egypt have forced the local authorities to accelerate the process of arrangement of the terminals with all the necessary for the resumption of flights.