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How to return or exchange tickets

How to return or exchange tickets Choosing appropriate options flight, you go to the site of our partner for airline reservations and payment by credit or debit cards Visa, MasterCard. To pay for it will be necessary to enter the bank card number, owner's name in Latin letters is written on your card and CVC-code, with its back side. Do not give credit card information to strangers !. As in most companies, airline tickets can be paid for electronic money Webmoney or Yandex, in terminals Qiwi or...
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Getting non-immigrant visa

Getting non-immigrant visa To enter the United States to visit relatives or friends, travel, business meetings and negotiations, participation in public events issued nonimmigrant visa B1 / B2. Finally, the purpose of entry is determined by the immigration officer at the point of entry, which puts a stamp in the "white card" (I-94) - or B1, which means "business trip", or B2, which means "a private visit". Length of stay in the country also determines the immigration officer upon entry to the U...
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Cheap flights to Europe

Cheap flights to Europe Planning a business trip to Berlin or London? Dreaming of a trip to France? Then you need tickets to Europe is cheap. Of course, their purchase is necessary to take care in advance. If you plan everything properly, you can save quite a substantial amount.  Many believe that it is possible to buy tickets online cheap. This is partly true, but first we must find out, on what site it is better to do and how to choose the right tickets. After all, the web is always possible...
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Benefits for flights

Benefits for flights Gathered in the tourist or business trip, we are striving to reduce their expenses, including the purchase of tickets. Of course, you can buy tickets for cheap stocks. Some carriers set prices on new directions or to those areas which are at the end of the tourist season are not in demand. But we should not forget the fact that there are benefits for the airline tickets. However, they do not apply to all categories of citizens. In addition, some trucking companies may esta...
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