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Китай может опередить Россию в разработке малого ударного беспилотного вертолета Chinese aircraft Corporation AVIC unveiled a new reconnaissance and combat unmanned aerial vehicle vertical takeoff and landing AV500W, announced the publication of IHS Jane’s International Defense Review. This writes the RNS.

According to the publication, the development apparatus AV500W is in the final stages. The appearance of the production version is expected in 2017.

The drone is developed by 500W AV part of the AVIC helicopter research Institute CHRDI on the basis of civil UAV helicopter type AV 500. Letter W in the name of the new model refers to an armed version. According to the developers, the new version has been optimized to address not only the intelligence but also strike missions, says the publication.

Russian expert on unmanned systems Denis Fedutinov said that in Russia a while ago under the topic “Roller” is also planned to create a complex with the drone close dimensions. “This development, which was led by the holding company “Helicopters of Russia”, ended in failure, however, the need for such devices has not disappeared, and we can assume that this topic may be opened again,” – said Fedutinov.

In accordance with the officially published data, the maximum takeoff weight of the Chinese unmanned 470 kg payload, which can in particular be used in optical-electronic observation station for gyro-stabilized suspension system for recognition and tracking of targets – 160 kg On the external sling can be installed radar with synthetic aperture, and systems for relaying data.

Also on the outer pendants can accommodate a variety of weapon system. As an example, the company has demonstrated in conjunction with the device models of precision-guided bombs laser-guided weight 6 kg. They reportedly can hit stationary or slow-moving targets at distances up to 5 km According to available information, the development is also 10-kilogrammov version.

The cruising speed of the machine is 170 km/h range 200 km Maximum duration of flight in a reconnaissance configuration, 8 hours, reconnaissance and strike 4 hours.