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Дата завершения следствия о катастрофе под Смоленском пока неизвестна The Prosecutor’s office of Poland could not yet name the date of completion of the investigation of the catastrophe near Smolensk on 10 April 2010 presidential plane Tu-154M. This was stated by the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Marek Pasanec in charge of the investigation, reports TASS.

Pasanec recalled that the General Prosecutor’s office of Poland has postponed until December 31, 2017 completion date of the investigation. “This is not some border, or a final date when the final decision”, – he said.

“Our task is to professionally collect all the evidence. Some of them are on the territory of another state. We’re trying to get them using the possibilities of the current law”, – said the Prosecutor.

The plane crash near Smolensk on 10 April 2010 claimed the lives of 96 people, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski. Official delegation consisting of senior officials and public figures who flew to Katyn to participate in memorial events. In the mist the plane a few meters did not reach the runway.

The Polish governmental Commission concluded that “the cause of the accident was the descent below the minimum height at excessive speed in conditions that prevent visual contact with the ground, as well as the late start of procedure of leaving on the second circle”.

Earlier the investigation was conducted by the military Prosecutor’s office of Poland, but six years later, at the end of March 2016, the Minister of justice, the General Prosecutor of Poland Zbigniew Ziobro has ordered to form a new team of prosecutors on the basis of the Prosecutor General, who will continue the investigation of the causes of the crash.

“The group’s task is complete, a comprehensive analysis of all materials related to the tragedy on both major versions and minor,” said Ziobro.