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Директору авиаотряда "Россия" продлили арест по делу о закупках Basmanny court of Moscow extended the house arrest of the General Director of the special flight detachment (SLO) “Russia” Yaroslav Odintsovo, accused of abuse of authority in performance of contracts for the purchase of air conditioners, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

“The petition of the investigator to satisfy, extend the measure of restraint in the form of house arrest in respect of Odintseva for three months, until 6 February 2017,” said the judge Elena Lenskaya. The investigator TFR to substantiate the request for extension of a preventive measure Odintsovo and other six defendants in the case because they, being at large, can abscond, will exert pressure on witnesses or to continue to engage in criminal activity. Odintsev is charged under article “abuse of power”, providing for a maximum penalty of imprisonment for up to four years. Under house arrest he was placed on 7 September.

Blame the CEO of SLO does not recognize. “In our business there are many operational documents, including wiretapping, but confirmation that Odintsev disappear, no. He before the arrest knew of the initiation of proceedings, but not hiding,” said his lawyer Oleg Timofeyev.

Special flight detachment “Russia” office of the President of the Russian Federation is engaged in air transportation of the President and other top officials.

On Monday Basmanny court of Moscow extended the house arrest until February 10, 2017, former chief of Department of contracts of the insurance INSTITUTION SLO “Russia” Elena Shestakova. The period of detention until February 10, has extended the head of JSC “Pribor-service” Alexey Menitsky, financial Director of OOO “Radarvision” Yulia Bubnova, former lead engineer of WORDS “Russia” Sergey Chernuhin, the CEO of the company “Aviapribor-service” Igor Matinino and his Deputy Vladimir Latyshev.

A criminal case was opened on March 10. Most defendants charged with article “fraud in especially large size”, to them threatens till 10 years of imprisonment. According to investigators, employees of the WORDS “Russia” and other persons committed a theft in the procurement of air conditioners for aircraft serving the first persons of the state.

Earlier, the lawyers of almost all of those arrested noted that “accounts, which are allegedly stolen money, investigators have arrested” and “not stolen”. Thus, according to the defense, the charge must be reclassified. Two employees admitted SLO violations during the contest and testified. They are witnesses in the case.

In the case also were arrested the chief of the procurement service INSTITUTION “Special flight detachment “Russia” Igor Kovalenko and member of the competition Committee of the same INSTITUTION Dmitry Pozdnyakov. They result also imputes fraud in the execution of the contract for the purchase and maintenance of air conditioners for aircraft. A preliminary investigation has been extended until 10 March 2017.