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What will be born?

What closer tourism to culture or sport. To this rhetorical question again trying to find the answer in the government where thinking about the next merger and the subordination of tourism.

Нужно ли создать в России министерство туризма?

Tuesday, October 11, in a press there was informal information on plans of merging into one state Agency, three government agencies – the Ministry of sports, tourism Agency and Federal Agency for youth Affairs. Published it the newspaper “Soviet sport”, citing a source in the government. The occasion was the words of Vladimir Putin, made the day before. At the meeting of the Council for physical culture and sports, the President said that the supervision of the spheres of sports, tourism and youth policy must be assigned to a Deputy Prime Minister. Recall now the sport has responsibility within the government Arkady Dvorkovich, tourism Minister Olga Golodets.

From this it was concluded that the sports Ministry disbanded. Even name a candidate to head the new structure, – Alexander Zhukov, who led the Olympic Committee of Russia.

Despite the fact that Zhukov immediately called the news “nonsense”, it caused a great resonance. Deputy Svetlana Zhurova, Olympic champion in speed skating and even declared readiness to head the new structure. And, according to her, tourism to sports to mix.

Later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov issued a denial, saying that no question of merger of the offices there. Only the Kremlin considers it necessary to give the curating issues of sport, tourism and youth, one official. “The newly created” Deputy Prime Minister will report to government on the work of the three agencies and help clients to solve urgent problems. Who are you referring to Dvorkovich, Olga Golodets, or someone else, he said.

Under the view stated by Dmitry Peskov, this news looks quite positive. While all remains as is. However, in the future, the industry may revert to the past. For example, in 1994, when it was formed the Russian Federation Committee on youth Affairs, physical culture and tourism. It’s been more than 20 years, but the government tourism continues to put side by side with the sport.

In the short history of domestic tourism was only one period when officials considered the industry as an economic activity. It was from 2000 to 2008, when the Ministry of economic development and trade operated by the Department of tourism. Headed it, we can say, man of the people – the founder of the “Neva” Vladimir Strzhalkovsky.

Now some experts even call this period the “Golden era”. It lasted as long as tourism is not “kicked” first in the Ministry of sports and youth policy, and later (in 2012) – the Ministry of culture.

Note that the news about the reassignment of tourism has caused a heated discussion on a professional forum portal TourDom.ru and in social networks. Many agree that tourism really need to stop mixing with other industries and to create a separate Ministry. In this case, tourism at the state level will be presented as an independent sphere of economy and will be able to claim a significant portion of the budget for their own development. In the example given, at least Pakistan, where almost no tourists go, but where is the Ministry of tourism. Will increase lobbying power of the industry, as the Minister of tourism will have the right to vote at meetings of the government and will be able to promote the interests of the market participants, at least in part the creation of adequate laws.

Nevertheless, this idea has its opponents, who believe these reliable naive. According to them, the government is interested only in attracting tourists, and the problems of market regulation, much of which still constitute the company’s outbound tourism, officials are not concerned.

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