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"Домодедово" предлагает демонополизировать рынок наземного обслуживания на основе европейского опыта The airport “Domodedovo” offers to de-monopolize the market of ground handling on the basis of the European experience. This was stated by the Deputy Director on Commerce of Moscow Domodedovo airport Alex Rajewski at the conference “Ground handling at airports in 2016”, which was organized by ATO Events, the press service of the airport.

“We deliberately decided to de-monopolize the market of ground handling at the airport. As the basis of planning to use model, which was introduced in Europe’s largest air harbours. In our opinion, it is closer to the Russian practice. One of the key elements of this model the establishment of equal conditions of access to the ground handling market, as well as the work procedure at the airport for all players. From the development of competition in the ground handling market, wins the main consumer of airline services,” said Alexey Raevsky.

Alexei Rayevsky told about the results of the experience of deregulation in the European airports. According to him, in 5 years, prices for ground handling services decreased by more than 12% in the segment airport services the number of third-party operators has grown almost twice, in the segment of baggage handling, the number of third-party operators increased by more than 50%.

“The result is increased business efficiency. Participants spetsializiruyutsya on its core business and to abandon non-core businesses. For example, at Heathrow airport from a self-service declined Air Canada, British Airways, KLM,” – said the Deputy Director of airport Commerce.

“Airports of Frankfurt, Vienna, Brussels, Muchena, Madrid and other major players in the European airport market introduced the concept of centralized infrastructure and charge for its use. To a centralized infrastructure related objects which because of their complexity, cost or environmental impact can not be separated or duplicated. For its part, the airports are empowered to identify such objects and to impose requirements on their mandatory use. For example, this television ladders, and power supply, baggage handling system and other infrastructure of the airport”, – said Alexey Raevsky.

He noted that currently in Russia there are no airports that have fully implemented the European model of free access to the ground handling market. “In fact, at all airports except for Moscow and Saint-Petersburg market is in a state of monopoly,” – said a top Manager.

“Our goal is to discuss together with the industry community the opportunity to use the best European practices, which should ensure the implementation of the provisions on free and non-discriminatory provision of services and infrastructure. We are also ready to share with colleagues the first experience of applying the principles of monopolization of the market of ground handling practices from Domodedovo airport”, – said Alexey Raevsky.