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"Сухой": Компания готовит новые кадры для авиастроения In Komsomolsk-on-Amur took place the solemn ceremony of consecration of 151 high school students in Romashkami and Small aviation Department (MAF) in Komsomolsk—on-Amur state technical University (KnASTU). The initiator of this event became the Komsomol branch “Dry” – Knaaz them. Yu. A. Gagarin. About it reports a press-service of the company.

For several years on the basis of “Romashkami” and IAF implemented the first stage of the program “school-University-enterprise”. The purpose of this program is to increase interest and motivate students to pursue higher education in specialties that are in demand in Knaaz and engineering industry as a whole.

“For students of the specialized class and IAF developed a training program with advanced study of physics, mathematics, Informatics, engineering drawing, the history of aviation, basics of Assembly technology aircraft, so that the graduates have acquired solid in-depth knowledge. This will allow the students to present the whole complicated process of creation of the aircraft and to form a correct attitude to the chosen profile of employment provides opportunity to obtain a quality education and in the future target direction Knaaz to go to University for the technical professions”, – said the company.

The company “Sukhoi” pays great attention to the training of a new generation of aircraft. Owing in the last decade, the activities of its units are constantly replenished by young highly qualified engineering personnel. They are actively involved in the implementation of priority civilian and military programs, and in some areas play the leading role. Their share in the number of engineering staff than at present 30 percent.

Work with young people in a “Dry” feel is especially important in the solution of tasks of innovative development. The company has a system of attracting, retaining and professional development of young professionals. Scientific-practical conference developing cooperation with partners-subcontractors, are trained professionals at the middle management level in the framework of production activities, organize competitions “the Best young Manager of the holding company” and “Best specialty”.