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МЧС России осуществит санитарно-авиационную эвакуацию детей из Ростова-на-Дону Today, the EMERCOM of Russia sent to Rostov-on-don special plane Il-76 for sanitary evacuation of thirteen critically ill children with different diagnoses from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. About it reports a press-service Ministry of emergency situations.

All children are in urgent need of highly-skilled and high-tech medical assistance due to the difficult situation in the medical institutions of Donbass, to assist them in fully can’t. The plane Il-76 EMERCOM of Russia, carrying out of sanitary-aviation flight, equipped with modern equipment and special medical modules to monitor and maintain the condition of seriously ill patients, to provide them with the necessary assistance during the flight.

“Throughout the flight, children and their parents will be accompanied by a medical specialists of the State Central airmobile rescue team “Centrospas” of EMERCOM of Russia, all-Russia center of medicine of accidents “Protection” of the Ministry of health and a psychologist of the center of emergency psychological aid EMERCOM of Russia. On arrival in Moscow of all children delivered in medical institutions where they will have a highly qualified and high-tech medical care”, – said in the MOE.