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МЧС готово привлечь авиацию для эвакуации пострадавших при взрыве газа в Иваново EMERCOM of Russia is ready to use aircraft for evacuation of victims of the gas explosion in a residential building in Ivanovo to other medical institutions, including Moscow. This was announced by first Deputy head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Stepanov, according to TASS.

“I want to ask regional Center for disaster medicine, together with the Russian centre for disaster medicine “Protection” to organize the interaction and, if necessary, evacuation of victims to Moscow or other institutions”, – he said at the selector meeting.

MOE alerted to fly the Mi-8 helicopter and two helicopters Ka-32 Russian emergencies Ministry.

Currently, search and rescue work has been completed. Continue emergency repair work. “In Ivanovo sent to a mobile diagnostic complex “Struna”. After completion of the rubble house will be surveyed, and will be prepared on the possible conclusion of operation”, – said Stepanov.

He also instructed to pay special attention to the organization of livelihoods. “Every resident of the house need to carry out targeted work and provide all necessary assistance,” – said Stepanov.

For residents of the affected house at the base of the hotel deployed the temporary accommodation centres, where people will provide all the necessities, including medical and psychological assistance.