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Сотрудник "Пермских моторов" получил президентскую стипендию за создание прорывных технологий в двигателестроении Employee “Perm motors” received the presidential scholarship for the creation of breakthrough technologies in engine, reports a press-service of JSC “UEC-Perm motors”.

Presidential grants for achievements in engineering industry awarded the best workers of the enterprises of the defense industry in 2013. Become one of 685 Russian specialists who created the unique material that performed complex development work or successfully worked hard to modern technical innovations, prestige, privilege and, of course, very difficult. Among such highly qualified personnel, recognized at the highest level, Yuri Vasev, technologist of JSC “UEC-Perm motors”. A scholarship in the amount of 350 thousand young specialist received for the development and implementation of new technologies for production of aircraft engine PS-90A and the promising engine PD-14.

“I came to the plant in 2005, after graduating from the Perm Polytechnic University, and immediately began to work on only just emerging in the enterprise direction of complete machining of gas turbine engine using a multifunctional equipment. The first lessons in this business technologists taught by the foreign manufacturer of the machines that we have mastered. After that we were sent to “float freely” I and other employees have developed solutions and approaches to create quality parts for engines, minimizing costs. This process continues to this day,” said the scholar.

Thanks to the professionalism of Yury Vasev the machine shop where he works, was able to significantly reduce cycle time and reduce the complexity of manufacturing difficult to machine turbine parts. “The hardest thing I had to face in the initial stages, is the introduction of new equipment, often requiring the gap is clear to all technological chain. And with the development of the details on the PD-14 engine we had absolutely no support on the previously developed results, we had to start from scratch,” said the technologist.

Olga Krasavina, personnel Director of “UEC-Perm motors”: “candidates for the presidential scholarship must meet very high demands: everything counts, from innovation development to the correct documentation. However, to obtain such a grant is quite real: only need the confidence and competence in their work. We hope that after the success of Yuri Vasev wishing to apply for participation in this program will be more. Example of our fellow another proof that “the Perm motors” employs highly qualified, experienced and ambitious people”.