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Оснащение самолетов камерами обойдется авиакомпаниям России в 60 млрд руб Russian airlines may incur billions of dollars in losses in the case of the adoption of new safety requirements in air transport, including equipping the aircraft with video cameras that will transmit entry to Earth in real time. This writes Interfax.

We are talking about the draft decree of the RF government “On approval of requirements for ensuring transport safety, including requirements to anti-terrorist security of objects (territories), taking into account security levels for different categories of transport infrastructure and vehicles of air transport”. The project was developed by the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation with the participation of the interior Ministry and the FSB. He suggests that from 1 January 2019 in Russia will come into force the requirement to equip aircraft with video cameras that will record and transmit the side information in real-time.

In the conclusion on the regulatory impact assessment (RIA) on the draft data are provided by the Russian airlines and airports, including “Aeroflot”, “Siberia” (S7 group), “Ural airlines”, “Yamal”, “Domodedovo”, “Air gate of Northern capital” (the operator of Pulkovo), “Airports of regions”, “Basel Aero”. From these data it follows that the compliance regulations each aircraft will need to equip at least 10 cameras in the passenger cabin and the cockpit, as well as gadgets to satellite communications, and the cost is in the $350-700 thousand

To pay for the traffic to transfer the data from one of the aircraft will need $300-400 per minute. In addition, the installation of the equipment because of changes in aerodynamic characteristics can result in increased fuel consumption – costs these costs can be 756 thousand rubles per year per aircraft, or 569 million RUB for all aircraft operated in the Russian Federation. Losses from idle time of the aircraft for equipment valued at $300 thousand

Just for the equipping of all aircraft of the airlines of “technical means of transport security” can be spent to 41.5-63.5 billion rubles. depending on the type of aircraft, according to the conclusion of ODS.

In addition, companies will have to invest in training and certification of personnel. So, “Aeroflot” will need to train 1103 the commanders of the armed forces, one-time costs will account for no less than 12 million rubles, “Ural airlines” this amount can be up to 4.5 million rubles., the “Yamal” – 1.55 million RUB receive training the regulation will also require engineers and technicians.

The impact of the adoption of the act in its current wording can be critical for the aviation industry, summarized in the conclusion of ODS. For sustaining growth of air carriers will need the support of more than 70 billion rubles. And if the decision on the continuation of state support, the amount of funds allocated from Federal and regional budgets will grow about 10 times (in 2015 the program of subsidizing of air transportation and the reimbursement of expenses on leasing payments were sent 8.2 billion rubles). In the absence of state support, companies will be forced to use its own funds and, therefore, unavoidable significant price increases for tickets.