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The tourist business is not conservative and static system, but a living, dynamic industry. So the fact that yesterday was a novelty today are widely demanded by all market participants. First and foremost we are talking about automation. The Company Fly.Roux tells which tools actually long been available to travel agents for the solution of routine tasks.

To fly.ru – an IT company that since 2010 is developing products and services for the tourist market. In December we composed of five like-minded people, has launched a project to Fly.ru and developed the first module of search tours 1.0. And in the middle of 2012
the site to Fly.ru was one of the most popular systems for the selection of package tours in Runet: daily trips we were looking for 30 thousand people. Today on our site are selected tours 90 thousand users per day. 80% of Russian travel agencies use the services developed to Fly.ru. Every day, our search system finds more than 100 million new unique offers from 140+ major Russian tour operators.

Why turprofi choose to Fly.ru? We are deeply immersed in the work of travel agents and know what processes take too much time. Therefore, we develop the solutions they need to automate the work of managers and improve business efficiency. Each agent who wants to optimize routine processes the processing of applications and booking of vouchers, it is worth to get acquainted with the technology of search rounds to Go.ru.

Why us?

The form of search of tours to Fly.ru has additional filters that allow you to specify a search query. In addition to the travel date, arrival city, and other standard parameters, you can specify the rating of the hotel and beach line. The more filters involved – the faster you select the right tour.

Всё, чего вы не знали о Слетать.ру

In order to make it easier to navigate the results, our website is the ability to group tours check in at a hotel.

Всё, чего вы не знали о Слетать.ру

We struggle with incomplete price. If a tourist sees a low price when looking for the tour, and to pay for in the end needs more, it causes confusion, resentment and accusations of fraud. On the website Fly.ru, we have implemented a rating rounds. If the operator does not confirm the tour or requires a substantial hidden fee, your negative voice, you can release the results from such fake and promotional offers. Our key goal is for all users to show prices that are already inclusive of fuel surcharge, surcharge for airport transfer, guide service and insurance.

Всё, чего вы не знали о Слетать.ру

Detailed service updating provides a constant update of information about the ticket: the flight number, date and time of departure.

Всё, чего вы не знали о Слетать.ру

With calendar of low prices and a schedule of change of prices you predict the decrease and increase of the price of tickets. Be informed, gain the trust of your camper.

Всё, чего вы не знали о Слетать.ру

The fastest way to choose a good tour is to study reviews from other users. On the website Fly.ru contains detailed reviews of real customers.

To navigate the variety of proposals to help current hotel photos and a detailed description of the services.

Don’t waste time checking tours to sites THAT we only show the current offers from the official websites of tour operators. Thanks to the technology of the fence prices we 99% rule out getting into the results sold tours. See for yourself by going to the personal account right from the issuance to Fly.ru. We do not oblige you to store passwords on the site to Fly.ru, so your personal data is safe. Functionality is available only to authorized clients.

Всё, чего вы не знали о Слетать.ру

Streamline – book tours reservation Centre to Fly.ru. To work with Bank of profitable, secure and convenient:

Increased Commission from all THAT, the elimination of the cash gap, credit line, minimize the penalties THEN

Payment requisition – promptly, one model contract, legal support, transparent financial operations

The request processing time – 60 seconds. provisa for a few hours

Reservation system search free accounting system and booking “Toriis”

CB to Fly.ru has the financial guarantees of tour operators

To fly.ru makes finding and booking tours, reducing the time for processing applications and, consequently, increasing sales of the travel Agency. Start anew right now on the website http://sletat.ru.