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Четыре самолета не могут вылететь из аэропорта Саратова из-за густого тумана Adverse weather conditions the second day in a row cause delayed flights at the airport of Saratov, Interfax reported.

On the website of the Saratov airport on Friday reported that due to bad weather conditions can not fly two planes to Moscow (Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo), as well as Kazan and St. Petersburg. One morning flight to Moscow (Domodedovo airport) were cancelled.

In addition, a delay in Saratov will be sent out flights from Moscow (Domodedovo), St. Petersburg and Kazan. Due to fog in Saratov was cancelled the morning flight from Surgut.

Meteorologists predict improving weather in Saratov closer to 22:00 GMT. Earlier it was reported that on Thursday in Saratov has been detained eight times for departures and five arrivals.