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Getting non-immigrant visa

To enter the United States to visit relatives or friends, travel, business meetings and negotiations, participation in public events issued nonimmigrant visa B1 / B2. Finally, the purpose of entry is determined by the immigration officer at the point of entry, which puts a stamp in the “white card” (I-94) – or B1, which means “business trip”, or B2, which means “a private visit”. Length of stay in the country also determines the immigration officer upon entry to the United States. Date printed on the visa is only meant the expiration date, ie, to have the opportunity to travel to the United States over what period of time the visa holder.

In considering applications for non-immigrant visas are made primarily into account the following indicators: otstutstvie hidden immigration or double intentions of the applicant; evidence of the existence of strong social and economic ties with the applicant’s country of residence (property, a stable job or business, the amount of income, marital status and the presence of family dependents, etc.); the validity of the purpose of travel and its compliance with the true goals of your stay in the United States (before the interview or during the meeting checked the documents and information on the applicant’s work are available on an invitation or registration from the US name of the applicant); availability of information about the applicant in the database of the Consular System Tracking and comparison with the applicant’s answers to the questionnaire.

Practice shows that visa for the purpose of business visit to the US is more successful in comparison with visa registration for tourist travel or visit relatives. This is due to the greater formalization of documentation prepared in support of the need for such a trip, as well as the lack of a clear initiative on the applicant’s personal visit to the United States. On the other hand, a visa for the purpose of a business trip due to the probability assumptions more errors in the preparation of documents and passing the interview, compared with a private trip.

Nevertheless, the total number of visas issued by consulates of the United States for business is much higher than the number of approved applications for visas for the purpose of tourism or travel “to visit.”

Law Office provides assistance both on specific issues related to the US visa registration (inidivualnaya preparation for the interview, preparation of personal documents of the applicant, assistance in obtaining an invitation from the United States, registration of documents in accordance with the requirements and consulates recommendations), and on a comprehensive solution to the visa Problems.
In some cases, if the necessary parameters are considered design options for a US visa without going through the interview at the consulate.