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Russian tourists about the service in Turkey

Passengers first of this year’s charters from Russia to Turkey was welcomed as the victors of the Olympic games. Champagne, caviar and music. And this is understandable, starving, without a Russian tourist market greatly subsided. Some players began to take positions and have included austerity measures, which naturally affected the service. Tried to understand how this phenomenon is widespread.

Дайте жалобную книгу!

During the year, the Turkish hoteliers said about the steady drop in hotel occupancy rates. As the press service of the Association of hoteliers of Turkey (TÜROB), in August the occupancy of hotels fell by 27.4 % compared to the same month of 2015 and amounted to 53.4 %. To reverse the situation succeeded only in September due to the long-awaited launch of the Russian charters in the country.

Literally in the first days of September Turkey came in first place for sales in travel agencies among other tourist destinations. When the euphoria of tourists the opportunity to go to Turkey at affordable prices has passed, many have a question, what about service? In particular, this topic is being actively discussed in the professional forum portal TourDom.ru. Basically, the travel agents get from tourists the positive reviews about holiday in Turkey, but among the flurry of positive periodically slip reports that the Turkish coast is not the same. Not silent and social networks. Here is a message representative of the retail, decided to please tour in Turkey his mother.

“News from the field. Mom is resting in Turkey, Marti Myra, meals out of one chicken. Ukrainians tried to arrange hotel in Maidan evicted. Next died the owner of the hotel three days in the bar don’t serve even beer, the heirs divide the wealth. Not to tourists such things.”

According to Larisa Fanboy, PR-Director of TEZ Tour, the quality center operator constantly monitors the responses of tourists about hotels in Turkey. Prevail, of course, positive. Negative relate mainly to hotels 3, 4* included in small local chains that in connection with the situation in the country were forced to optimize costs, reduce staff. Hotel 5* to save on service not trying. However, in some cases problems with staff visible and they have.

“This year I flew to Turkey in September, on our first flight. It seemed to me that the hotel is in principle just enough. But it was felt that the efficiency of the staff diminished. For example, after rain or a small storm, when the territory of the hotel makes some garbage at the best of times all at once removed. Now it is noticeable that manpower is not enough,” said Larissa Akhanov.

However, despite claims that the strong chains of hotels and hotels of 5* can withstand any crisis, without reducing the quality of service, there are market exceptions. To the editor of the portal HotLine.travel asked the tourist, which this year disappointed in holiday in Turkey almost completely. In the country it flies for many years and always chooses the same Limak Limra Hotel & Resort 5* Kiris. Their preference it explains the highest level of service that hotel provides. But not this year. According to her, my eyes immediately caught not only the shortage of staff, but also the quality of service.

“Tourists literally do not pay attention. The animation is typically beautiful at this hotel this year were three young men wandering aimlessly around the pool. The bartenders also demonstrated extraordinary laziness, thanks to what the queues were a regular occurrence. The quality of the food not particularly impressed, but impressed with plastic cups instead of glass. The first time I saw this in a hotel of such level”, – said the tourist.

Reviews of tourists on holiday in Turkey on specialized sites also support the tendency of the bundle of opinions. There are people who were satisfied with the service, there are those who sworn never to rest in this country. According to Rashad Mammadov, Director of the TBS Group, it is quite an important monitoring tool of the level of service in hotels, but often such comments are too subjective. It happens that the person is not aware of the full features of the hotel. In the end, the expectation and reality do not match. For example, the same network Limak budget is focused on the European client, and the Russian may not always be comfortable in the hotels in the chain of this network. “If the service falls, only hotels with and without crisis were failing. Turkish hoteliers understand that their work in this season, when Turkey was reopened to the Russians, depends on the occupancy rate in the next year. Therefore, work in a slipshod manner, they can not afford”, – concluded the expert.

And still smoke without fire. If tourists
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