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Наземный комплекс управления ГЛОНАСС сдадут в эксплуатацию к концу года  Comments to ground control centre the GLONASS system is planned to eliminate by year-end, after which it will put into service the defense Ministry, the General designer of system GLONASS Sergey Carotin. This writes TASS.

“The issue (transfer of the ground segment of GLONASS into operation of the Ministry of defense) is in the final stages of implementation. Testing of the ground segment is completed, now comes the removal of comments that were received on the results of interdepartmental tests of the modernized ground control system”, – he said.

According to him, now comes the preparation and issue of necessary documents.

“Both processes are moving in parallel. I think that the task to complete by the end of the year will be made. We work with the aim of its solution in these terms,” he said.

The state Corporation “Rosatom” develops the character of the architecture of the GLONASS satellite navigation system on the horizon 2030, said Carotin.

“We expect that by the end of this year or early next year will be the formation of requirements for a new generation of the GLONASS system, which will be implemented in the next decade in the framework of the development of the system,” he said.

The General designer of GLONASS noted that all the research in the development of navigation satellite systems is focused on the next 15 years.

Carotin also said that Roscosmos began to study promising technologies for seamless navigation. Such technologies allow for the operation of the navigation system when moving from environment to environment (ground, underwater and underground navigation), when working in closed rooms and in conditions of discontinuities navigation (tunnels, canyons, caves).

Another direction of research – improving models of the geophysical fields of the Earth for navigation. “This is a very promising direction. And one of the ways of increasing the noise immunity of navigation from external influence”, – said Carotin.