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"Вертолеты России" впервые поставят Ансат с ГМСУ инозаказчику JSC “Helicopters of Russia” in the framework of the exhibition China Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition 2016, which is in Zhuhai (China), has signed a contract with Wuhan Rand Aviation Technology Service Co. Ltd. for the supply of two Ansat helicopters produced by Kazan helicopters holding company “Helicopters of Russia” (part of state Corporation rostec). This reports the press service of the holding.

China was the first foreign customer of the Ansat GMSU. Two helicopters Ansat will be delivered to a customer in the medical version until the end of 2017. Another contract for the supply of Ansat is scheduled to conclude in the near future with another Chinese company. Light twin-engine multi-purpose helicopter Ansat is designed for 7-9 places and has the most spacious cabin in its class. The Ansat can reach a maximum speed of 275 km/h and to fly a distance of over 500 km. the Helicopter Ansat depending on configuration can be used for passenger transport, transportation, sanitation, emergency rescue tasks and as a training and patrol helicopter.

Equipped with a medical module, the helicopter is designed to provide primary care and emergency medical evacuation of the patient. Thus, the helicopter can be used to assist the victims in areas with difficult terrain, in remote areas with difficult transport accessibility. In addition, medical module Ansat provides the possibility of resuscitation, intensive therapy and monitoring of basic of bodily functions of the victim during transport to the hospital.

“We are pleased that the first foreign customer of the helicopter the Ansat was that China, as Russia has a long and productive history of cooperation with China. China is a longtime operator of helicopters of Soviet and Russian production. We hope that this supply will soon follow the others and the Park Anatov in China will increase,” – said General Director of holding “Helicopters of Russia” Alexander Mikheev.

In December 2014 received the approval of the chief changes to the Ansat with the hydromechanical control system (GMSU), allowing to carry out passenger transport on this type of aircraft. In may 2015 the company received approval for the main changes modification of the Ansat helicopter with a medical module. In December 2015, has been certified helicopter with VIP interior. In June of 2016 was completed, increased take-off weight to 3,600 kg.