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"Вертолеты России" впервые покажут медицинский Ансат на международной выставке Airshow China-2016 Holding “Helicopters of Russia” (part of state Corporation rostec) will showcase their latest technologies at one of the largest aviation exhibitions in Asia, which will be held from 1 to 6 November at the China international aviation exhibition center (Zhuhai, China). This was reported in the press service of the holding.

“During the exhibition, China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition 2016, the specialists of the holding “Helicopters of Russia” will show the current product line of civil helicopters, will present the latest developments of the company. On static display, visitors will be able to see the full-scale prototype of the helicopter Ka-32A11BC, and the company’s stand will be located models of helicopters Ansat in medical versions, the multirole Mi-171A2 and fire-fighting Ka-32A11BC”, – stated in the message.

“China is one of the reliable Russian partners in the field of helicopter and also the largest operator of Russian helicopters in the Asia-Pacific region. The Chinese market shows stable growth and the need for reliable, and versatile helicopters of different classes. We are ready to offer not only a diversified product line, but also all the necessary related services, including after sales service”, – said General Director of holding “Helicopters of Russia” Alexander Mikheev.

“The participants of the exhibition a large business program. The company will hold a series of scheduled meetings and negotiations, the purpose of which will be the expansion of the bilateral cooperation and strengthen cooperation with colleagues from China. Russian experts will also make presentations of the Mi-26TS, Mi-171A2, Mi-38, Ansat and Ka-32A11BC for commercial companies and government institutions in China, and also tells about development of system of after-sales service for Russian helicopters already operating in China,” – said the press service.

In addition, the exhibition “Russian hour” a regular event held to promote Russian helicopters in the global markets. It is organized by the Association of the Helicopter Industry, and the General sponsor – the holding company “Helicopters of Russia”.

“Russian hour” in China will be dedicated to the possibilities of new and upgraded Russian-made helicopters in relation to the interests of the Chinese operators. At the event, the representatives of the holding “Helicopters of Russia” will tell the participants about the multipurpose Mi-171 helicopter with engines Klimov VK-2500 heavy transport Mi-26TS, and a new light helicopter Ansat and the after sales service of helicopters.

Light twin-engine multipurpose helicopter Ansat developed in KB Kazan helicopter plant and is designed for 7-9. In December 2014 received the approval of the chief changes to the Ansat with the hydromechanical control system (GMSU), allowing to carry out passenger transport on this type of aircraft. In may 2015 the company received approval for the main changes modification of the Ansat helicopter with a medical module. In December 2015, has been certified helicopter with VIP interior. In June 2016 completed work to increase take-off weight to 3,600 kg. Various modifications of this helicopter, as well as the possibility of quick change of equipment enable him to successfully solve the tasks of both the civilian and law enforcement agencies.

Promising multipurpose helicopter Mi-171A2 was developed based on the achievements of modern technology of aviation and meets the basic requirements of safety and environmental regulations. Modern avionics allows the helicopter to fly day and night, in VFR and IFR weather conditions, and also to fly above the water surface.

The Ka-32A11BC, which is one of the best search and rescue helicopters in the world. High flight performance of Ka-32A11BC allow him to carry out operations to search and rescue in conditions of high turbulence and wind storms. In addition, the helicopter is able to operate in conditions of strong smoke and dust, and can also be used in the evacuation of people from the roofs of skyscrapers in the event of a fire. The ka-32A11BC has been certified in China and has great potential applications in the markets of the Pacific rim countries, which need high quality and universal helicopters. Previously, the holding “Helicopters of Russia” delivered 11 helicopters Ka-32 of various Chinese customers. In 2015 was delivered to three machines. In the same year “Helicopters of Russia” signed a number of contracts to supply China with seven helicopters Ka-32A11BC helicopter and two Mi-171.