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Search Form tickets

Steps in completing the forms:

  • Select ticket search option – “One way”, “Round Trip” or “Multiple destinations» .

  • Enter the departure city and naznacheniya.Polezny Tip: Click on the input field of the city of departure and arrival. Under the field will be a button “Find airport next to me.” Click on it to automatically detect your location and install it in the box (Location Services on your browser must be connected).

  • Select the departure and return date.

  • Specify the number of adults, children (age 2 to 12 years) and infants (up to 2 years). Select the trip class.

  • check the box “Find hotels in a new window” to search for hotels in the destination city.

  • Click the “Find Tickets».

    Useful tips for completing the form:

    • Buy tickets directly back and forth more profitable than separately.

    • Most carriers provide discounts on tickets for children under 2 without their own bed, under the condition that a child is accompanied by one adult. If you follow the other children up to 2 years, or children from 2 to 12 years is required partial payment of the fare and separate places.

    • You can specify not only the city, but also the arrival airport. To do this, enter a city name and select the desired Airport.

    • The business class seats less, and fares and higher level of comfort.

    • Begin Search for hotels in conjunction with the purchase of tickets.

      Making a complex route

      To build a complex flight path (for example, to carry out world tour have to fly from one city to another), use the option “Multiple destinations”. It allows you to build a chain of flights from one city to another, then a third, a fourth, and so on (up to nine successive versions).

      If this option is selected in the search form of tickets, it is possible to add fields of hops (max – 9 fields). Enter the name of the city of departure and destination, flight date and click “Add another flight».

      To remove an extra flight, click knupku with a cross from the right.

      After the field lines and the dates are filled, click on “Find tickets”. Search result will be similar to the standard search for tickets.

      Waiting for search results

      The search speed depends on various factors: the speed of response of our partners, the capabilities of your computer and the Internet, the number of variants, etc. In the course of the search to the right displays the estimated time of completion.. . However, the first results are displayed on the screen before a full search is complete.

      If you have found a mistake in that search queries – click “Modify search”. This can be done even before the search is finished

      Search results

      Search results contain information about the date and time of departure and arrival, duration of flight, airline name.

      To know the flight number, click on “More Info».

      To share a link on a search result click icon? Copy the link that appears and send to a friend or post on a social network.

      If the ticket is not enough money – use the lending service. Click “Buy Credit” and will receive the missing funds.

      For the study of prices for the next date, click on “Calendar lowest rate».

      Default Calendar appears in the context of the week – 3 days prior to the date entered, and three days after. Press the “Month” link to see all of the options in the context of the month. The number of days between the departure and the return of the same for all variants.

      Choosing and booking ticket

      To go to the website of our partner and to book a suitable option, click “Buy Now».

      Note! The most favorable options for quickly sold out. If this happens you have found the ticket, our partner will automatically offer an alternative for the most minimal rate.

      If you switch to another window and back to the search after a few minutes – you will be prompted to update the search results. So we make sure that you see the most relevant information.

      Booking confirmation

      After the transfer on the partner’s website to book a ticket you need:

      • to complete passenger data;

      • specify valid phone number and email pochty.Eto very important point, that is, to use these contact details to communicate with you is representative of the agency;..

      • select the form of payment.

        After that, for 15 minutes on the specified e-mail comes a booking confirmation with all order details and contact numbers of the agency. If not – check the “Spam” folder in your email. In addition, you can call the booking telephone to clarify details of the order and form of payment.

        Payment by credit card

        Payment and receipt of tickets taking place on the sites of our partners.

        Remember, to accept only Visa and MasterCard. Among them there are special cards for calculations on the Internet (eg, Virtual card and MasterCard from Alfa Bank).

        Important! Visa Electron or Maestro are not suitable for online purchase tickets! This is due to the restriction of payment systems.

        To enter your payment card number (16 digits), expiration date (exp), the name of the card holder and the CVV or CVC2 code (3 digits). Be sure to enter as written on the card (ie. E. The name of the holder entered in English letters).

        CVV2 code is on the back of the card:

        Check it out: Our employees in the last 5 years, pay for tickets exclusively via cards, and no one had a problem

        Why is it sometimes Flights aviaseller.su cheaper than the airline

        Sometimes it happens that the cost of a ticket on our site is less than when you search the same ticket the airline. Those who are looking for tickets for the first time on the Internet, it may seem strange. In fact, everything is very simple – connecting the well-known companies, we have access to their spetstarifam .

        Access to such tariffs provided by the Agency, which worked well in dealing with airlines. Many agencies earn an additional commission of this difference, but sometimes do additional discounts to their customers.

        How do I use filters tickets

        To the right of the search results is a set of filters. Filter Configuration allows you to hide tickets, you do not fit the parameters trip.

        How to find direct flights

        , remove the crows in “Transplant” unit To submit the list of tickets direct with other options:

        List of tickets will be automatically filtered out, and it will only tickets direct.

        How to find a flight with a comfortable time for you

        If you need to arrive at the destination city at a certain time or you do not want to fly at night, use a filter time of arrival and departure.

        For your convenience, we’ve added options for the time of day:

        • night – from 00:00 to 7:00;

        • morning – from 7:00 to 11:00;

        • day – from 11:00 to 16:00;

        • evening – from 16:00 to 00:00 .

          Just click on one of the options and the slider set to the right time.

          How to organize the optimal time flight

          In order to limit the time of transplant, or vice versa leave yourself time to walk around the city, use the filter length of the transplant.

          Another option is to make a fast and comfortable flight – is to limit its duration. To do this, use the filter “Travel Time»:

          This value affects both the duration of the flight, and in the time between connecting flight.

          How to choose a favorite airline

          For many seasoned travelers is very important to choose the airline with which to hit the road. To leave the list of tickets from airlines that you trust or who you accumulate bonus miles, use the filter “Airlines».

          Tip: To quickly in any filter to select one of the many value, place the mouse pointer on the line with this goal. Side appears “only”, click on it. After that, the jackdaw will only have the option selected.

          To select a particular alliance (this several airlines, united under a single brand), select the checkbox next to its name in the filter “Alliances».

          This method is useful to holders of bonus cards of a particular alliance.

          How to pay tickets convenient way

          All airline ticket agency and accept payments using plastic cards. It is absolutely safe and convenient way to pay.

          If you prefer to pay using a different tool, select it in the filter “Payment methods.” In this case, the ticket list, leaving only the options of agencies that accept this method of payment.

          How to buy a ticket to your favorite agency

          To find and buy tickets from a particular agency, you can scroll through a list of tickets, and look at the options offered by agencies:

          Or use a filter “the Agency”. With it only the necessary proposals remain in the ticket list:

          How to choose the airport of departure or arrival

          , select it in the filter “Airports” To choose your preferred departure or arrival airport:

          The same filter, you can specify that suits you transplant the airport.

          Tracking price changes by e-mail

          To keep track of changes in prices on the direction of interest to you – sign up for the mailing list. To do this, type the e-mail and click the “Watch the price” to the right of the search results.

          Then on your mail will receive a letter with a link to activate your subscription. While the subscription is activated, you do not receive a letter with mailing and you can not create or edit sending in new directions.

          The newsletter get prices from the results of search queries from other users in the chosen direction. If the direction is unique, it requests it will be a little, and distribution will not come often.

          Each letter with mailing contains:

          • information on the dynamics of price changes;

          • the current price of the ticket;

          • a recommendation to buy or expectation of more favorable prices;

          • information about the flight;

          • link to go to the editing of the monitored areas;

          • link to freeze mailing or denial of it.

            How do I know where you can fly cheap?

            If you are easy-going and are ready to take a trip at any time. Or are you interested in the cheapest flights from a specific city, please use the card fares. It appears once a large number of flights to different cities.

            There are several ways to get on the map of lower prices

            link in the top menu of the website

            Just the link http://search.aviaseller.su/map

            The main advantage of the card – coverage of a considerable number of options. For each country displays the most convenient flight from your city.

            Use the filters on the right of the map, you can leave on the map only country with a specific visa regime, to set the time of stay in the destination country, or to limit their travel costs.

            How to save, if the exact dates are not important?

            To find the right tickets for all possible flight dates and choose the cheapest option, use our “lowest prices calendar».

            There are several ways to get to the low prices calendar

            link in the top menu of the website

            By a direct link http://en.aviaseller.su/calendar/

            How to use the calendar low price?

            • Specify the calendar city or country of departure and destination.

            • Select months in which you are planning a trip. To specify the exact dates, then click on “exact date of departure.” Open the calendar where you can note any convenient date for departure.

            • Select via runners duration of your trip.

            • Click “Show prices».

              How to find the best prices for flights with a change

              When airline ticket forms in the direction of a transfer, the cost is not always the best. This happens because on one flight may be several kinds of economy-class, distinguished by price and by additional options. And the airline selects the overall rate for all flights within the ticket. You understand that this rate will be more beneficial to airlines than passengers.

              We taught our search to find the minimum rates, and already have a flight with a transfer form. These tickets are allocated in the search results with a special sign:

              And we put these tickets on the page “Last minute tickets.” All that is required – is to specify a departure city. If you want, select the direction and estimated time of departure, but not necessarily.

              Then click “Show tickets” and the page displays all the found flight options from selected city.