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Review of options of flights with connections and good prices for hotels

The resumption of flights to Egypt, many in Russia, focusing on news, was waiting in October, the beginning of the “high” tourist season. Alas, October is over, and direct Charter and scheduled flights there remained unimplemented. The Charter to wait, when they open the Egypt, more active visitors can get here on your own: buy tickets with a connecting flight in other countries and book hotels independently. About which options are the most popular, says the correspondent HotLine.travel in Hurghada, Vladimir Novikov.

Как самостоятельно долететь и отдохнуть в Египте в 2016 году

How to open Egypt

There is nothing complicated in that self-organize holiday in Egypt. The main thing – to consider all the elements of traditional tour package: ordering airline tickets, booking hotel rooms, not to forget about the transfer service from/to the airport and register for health insurance. All this can be done using a computer with the necessary amount of money on the credit card. No more difficult than to make a purchase in the online store.

The most economical week-long trip for two to Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh hotel 4-5* with accommodation in a standard room and power on the system “All inclusive” starts in the area of 65-70 thousand. rubles. Basically, the cost depends on the route and date of departure, as well as the pricing policy of the hotel. All rates in the material are as of October 15, 2016.

When you go to Egypt and you like to do?

Search engine selection of tickets offers a wide selection of flights. In the absence of direct flights to Egypt Russians can get with transfers in Europe, Asia or the Middle East.

Convenient options of flights from Russia to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh with Turkish airlines. The connecting flights in Istanbul: Turkish Airlines is at the airport. Ataturk with Pegasus Airlines at the airport. Sabiha Gokcen Airport. When flying one airline check on flight. Take care of the Luggage is not necessary: the carrier overload it from side to side.

The advantage of a flight via Turkey is that for Russians, it is the direction visa-free. There is a possibility to buy tickets with minimal time for a transplant, and to stay in the country for a few days to explore the ancient Istanbul. Under certain conditions, joining Turkish Airlines even offers free guided tour. If the waiting time is significant, you can also go in the VIP room. For example, in the Sabiha Gokcen airport it costs 16 €, including Breakfast buffet and wi-fi. Navigation in airports allows all to understand and to find without knowledge of foreign languages.

Pegasus Airlines also flies Moscow to Istanbul from Krasnodar and Turkish Airlines, from Kazan, Ufa, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Astrakhan, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-don. The differences here is that in value. And the later the flight, the cheaper. At the end of October the route Moscow – Hurghada – Moscow Turkish Airlines is 45 thousand. As of mid-December at Pegasus Airlines – from 18 thousand RUB over the same amount cost flight to Sharm El Sheikh.

Flights to Egypt, particularly in Hurghada from Tbilisi, Minsk or Kiev. For some of the Russian regions is the best option and price, and on time.

One direction – Europe. “Aeroflot” from Moscow to Munich and from there in three and a half hours to Hurghada flight operated by Air Cairo. In Munich the tourists when docking a transit visa is not required. The cost of round-trip 37 thousand rubles.

You can make a route through other European cities. It is necessary to find out whether a Schengen visa. When flying different companies, there is a need to connect again to register and not to forget the Luggage. But the most unpleasant is a cancellation or postponement of the flight. For example, a strike of aviation workers in Greece in early October, foiled the plans of travelers scheduled flights via Athens on these days.

Less popular, but also popular among Russians trails with two changes, one of which is in the Egyptian capital. In Cairo you can fly from many European cities, the Gulf countries and South East Asia. For example, Etihad Airways offers a route Moscow – Cairo – Moscow with a stopover in Abu Dhabi. At this airport can transit without a visa up to 24 hours.

Then from Cairo to Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh to get is very simple: up to a dozen daily flights in each direction, the cost of round-trip 6-9 thousand.

Another example with two changes: Moscow – Cologne on the Russian “Victory”, then Pegasus via Istanbul will take you to the red sea resorts. There are many options, so the question is, when you open the missions in Egypt, not really relevant to tourists willing to pay a little more than the ready-made tour, and to take responsibility for organizing the rest.

Как самостоятельно долететь и отдохнуть в Египте в 2016 году


A visa for Egypt in advance, you can not worry. For citizens of Russia provides for a simplified procedure: on arrival at the airport you must purchase a visa stamp with a value of $ 25. It allows the tourist to stay in the country up to 30 days, by the way, if necessary, the time of stay you can renew for the same term.

The hotel

Having defined the route and date of flight, begin to search the hotel. To choose a hotel quickly enough specialized booking sites. Let’s see how much you have to pay for a standard room for two people for seven nights with meals on the system “All inclusive”.

Hurghada: Magawish Village & Resort 4* – 28 thousand rubles., Golden 5* Diamond – 25 thousand Jewels Sahara Boutique Resort 4* 27.6 thousand RUB Sharm El Sheikh: Barcelo Tiran Sharm 5* – 39 thousand, Nubian Village 5* 61.3 thousand RUB.

But the prices for some hotels in Sharm El Sheikh: hotel Rehana Resort 4* – 40 thousand RUB, Amwaj Oyoun Hotel & Resort 5*– 33,5 thousand rbl. the Hotel Sunrise Royal Makadi 5* – 50 thousand rubles.

The conclusion is obvious – stay in 4* hotels for a week costs up to 30 thousand, 5* – up to 60 thousand. Hotels often offer discounts. For example, on the stock standard double room for seven nights at Alf Leila Wa Leila 4* Hurghada were on sale for 25 thousand is 41 thousand rubles.

Another way of booking is directly contact with the hotel that you like. As in many hotels, for example, in Sindbad Aqua Hotel & Spa (Hurghada), a Russian-speaking employee in charge of receiving guests. For reservation just send us an order by e-mail or contact in social networks – Facebook or Vkontakte. The calculation at the reception upon arrival at the hotel. By the way, the week in the room category “Standard” on the system “All inclusive club” for two here costs about 30 thousand rbl. In this sum as a bonus includes a visit to the water Park.


When traveling to another country it is important to take care of how to get to the hotel after the flights, especially with transfers. At the airports of Hurghada and Sharm-El-Sheikh, you can take a taxi, which transports exclusively arriving-departing passengers. The cost of the trip 800-1 200 roubles, depending on distance. As home to book a taxi with English speaking driver. Today in Egypt there is such a service and the contacts are easy to find on the Internet. Or to arrange transfer directly with the hotel and, on average, it will cost 1300-1800 RUB from/to the airport.


Medical insurance policy is issued within a few minutes, and it is also not required to go anywhere. The website for the selection of insurers offering different insurance programs. Policy for a week for the traveler to Egypt at the age of 30-45 years will cost 400-800 RUB with coverage of 30-40 thousand dollars.

The total budget of the trip to Egypt

Until the end of 2016, the budget option is to go on vacation in December for a reservation in October. Tour package for a week for two adults with accommodation in a standard room and All inclusive – from 64 thousand.

1. Flights – from 36 thousand.

2. The hotel is 22 thousand.

3. Visa – 3,2 thousand.

4. Insurance – 0.8 thousand.

5. Transfer from/to airport – from 2 thousand

At first glance it seems that the opening of the Egypt –
today, it is a personal choice of the traveler. Private tour in Egypt, the tourist can
compose yourself now, and for any number of days. However, hardly anyone
doubt that the main tourist flow from Russia will flock to the resorts of the red
the sea only when it will resume Charter flights to Egypt. After all
the tour operators forming the maximum the geography of flights from Russian cities and
contractarea hotels, offer tourists the best value and quality
on tours to Egypt.