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Хотел выписать чек, а выписал статью: в Хабаровском крае директор авиакомпании попал под следствие

In the Khabarovsk region concerning the Director of the airline a criminal case. The head of the company for more than two months does not pay salaries, have informed in a press-service of far East investigatory management on transport SK the Russian Federation.

The investigating bodies of far East investigatory management on transport of Investigatory Committee of Russia Director of “far Eastern Airline KSM” is suspected of full nonpayment over two months of wages.

According to the investigation, the Director of the airline in violation of the Labor code of the Russian Federation, for selfish interest, driven by the desire for personal enrichment, in the period from April to may 2015 has not paid the salaries of three employees of the airline violated their constitutional right to compensation.

Non-payment of wages is one of the worst violations of the rights of citizens, therefore, the main objective of the investigation is reparation for the victims in full.

The criminal investigation continues. The results will be made a procedural decision, writes AmurMedia.ru.