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В Австралии радиохулиган выдал себя за авиадиспетчера и прервал посадку самолета The Australian Federal police searches for the malefactor who interferes in negotiations of pilots and air traffic controllers in Melbourne (Australia). On Monday, 7 November, reported the Sydney Morning Herald, writes Lenta.ru.

According to police, radiohooligans made contact with the aircraft of the airline Virgin who fit in one of Melbourne’s airports, and claimed he was a Manager. Following his instructions, the pilot lifted the plane to a height of 3000 feet (about 1200 meters) and circled over the North-Western part of the city.

On the same day, unknown persons pretending to be the pilot of a light aircraft. He told the dispatcher by radio that he had engine failure and asked for help.
Investigators know of the fifteen incidents of this kind occurred in airports, Tullamarine and avalon, located in the heart of Melbourne.

Law enforcement agencies have not yet managed to detain the attacker. If caught he could face a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

Experts say that during the sessions the intruder needs to be in direct line of sight from the control tower of the airport and aircraft.

Radio communications between pilots and air traffic controllers are not encrypted and can be carried out with the aid of the public equipment. Most likely, the attacker used Amateur VHF transmitter.