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В Китае наградили пилотов предотвративших авиакатастрофу

An Airbus A320 of China Eastern. Photo: LaiLai

China has completed the investigation into the incident on 11 October when, as a result of Manager issues at the Hongqiao airport in Shanghai Airbus 330 China Eastern Airlines skidded off the runway during takeoff other aircraft.

It was found that the actions of the captain of the Airbus A320 of China Eastern Airlines flying from Shanghai to Tianjin, prevented a crash. Incorrect commands issued by the dispatcher to the crew of the Airbus A330 wide body aircraft proceeded to cross the runway during takeoff Airbus A320.

The commander of the Airbus A320 decided the extra climb, so the collision was avoided. During takeoff minimum distance between the two sides was only 13 meters, writes “Zhongguo Zhibao”.

Each of the crew members were awarded 600 thousand yuan, and the captain received a reward in the amount of 3 million yuan (us$443 thousand) “for the professionalism and courage”, reports Regnum.