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В АО "Авиастар-СП" совершенствуются подходы к обязательному обучению руководителей и специалистов At the Ulyanovsk aircraft plant “Aviastar-SP”, the process of finding and implementing the most effective forms of work with personnel. Regular changes in the training programme of labour protection and industrial safety, the press service of “Aviastar”
“In the past training of our employees was conducted by accredited third party organizations – says the Deputy chief of Department of training of staff Alexander Zhegalov. This variant was associated with certain inconveniences. The plant was entrusted with considerable financial costs to pay for the services of an external provider, and the training could begin only after a set of educational groups. So the decision was made on the acquisition of specialized programs and training at the plant”.

Currently, the heads of factory departments and experts learn program on labor protection and industrial safety more quickly, as the deadlines for admission to work. Training is conducted individually on personal computers using an automated program. The period of preparation takes one to two working weeks. The learning process is accompanied by interim and final tests of knowledge.

Certification of personnel according to the courses is also conducted in a new format. Data from control tests quickly arrive at the examination Committee. In addition, the software allows you to create selections by the staff, who come on the time of compulsory education. This significantly reduces the effort required for training and certification of personnel.

“The decision on introduction of the automated system of training and certification of personnel was correct, says HR Director Vadim Bachuk. This year alone, approximately 350 of our employees have been trained with the use of automated tools. In monetary terms, the company received a multiple economic effect from the introduction of new methods of personnel training. In General, individual approach to learning maintains the useful Fund of working time, which is sent to the decision core for the company production tasks.”

Corporate training using automated systems opens new perspectives in the improvement of work with personnel. In the nearest plans of JSC “Aviastar-SP”: increasing the capacity of computer classes in the center for staff development; the expansion of the boundaries of automated training through the placement of software systems at the individual workplaces; translation into the electronic platform of individual areas of professional education.