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В МВЗ им. Миля отметили необходимость развития сотрудничества с ВИАМ 10 November 2016 the delegation of the all-Russian scientific research Institute of aviation materials headed by the General Director of VIAM, academician of RAS Evgeny Kablowy visited Moscow helicopter plant. Mil., the press service Viama.

“During the visit, representatives of the Institute familiarized with the experimental production sites and the newest products of aviation technology. Special attention was paid to the production of blades made of composite materials development of VIAM. Chiefs NIO VIAM Larisa Chursova and Vladislav Antipov in the workshop told the factory about structural and functional materials of new generation and technologies for helicopters”, – said the press service.

General designer MVZ im. Mil Nikolay Pavlenko praised the new developments of VIAM and noted the need for cooperation, especially in the field of import substitution of foreign for advanced PCM products plant.

I should add that in order to ensure the competitiveness of developing helicopters, the parties identified priority areas of work in the field of materials science.