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В I полугодии 2016-2017 года операционная прибыль Группы Singapore Airlines  составила $217,23 млн Operating profit the Group’s Singapore Airlines in the first half of 2016-2017 financial year amounted to 302 million SGD ($217,23 million), 62 million SGD ($44,59 million), or 25.8% higher compared to the same period of the previous year. About it reports a press-service of the Singapore Airlines.
“Group revenue decreased by 3.6% and totaled 7,305 млрдSGD ($5.25 bln). The revenue from the actual passenger traffic decreased by 6.4% due to a continued decrease of revenue rate. This rapid growth of the subsidiary Scoot and increase its revenue by 88 million SGD ($63.3 million) had a positive impact on outcome indicators the Group,” said the company.
Despite the increase in the volume of freight traffic, their profitability continued to decline: as a result, revenue from freight and mail transportation decreased by 99 million SGD (-9,6%) / $71,21 million At the same time, there has been the growth of other types of income, in particular, revenue from unused tickets, which were fully reflected in this quarter. However, the absence of certain types of income that were included in last year’s report, in particular, the income resulting from the rescheduling of deliveries of aircraft, also had an impact on the overall results.

The Group’s expenses decreased by 4.6% to 7 003 million SGD ($5,037 billion).