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В учении "Славянское братство – 2016" будет задействована авиация ВКС России Three aircraft Il-76MD and more than 50 soldiers of the military transport aviation Air and space forces (VKS) Russia will go along with the Russian paratroopers in Serbia to participate in the international tactical exercises “Slavic brotherhood-2016”, which will be held from 2 to November 15 near Belgrade. It is reported by the defense Ministry.

“The exercise will involve units of the armed forces of Russia, Belarus and Serbia. Three aircraft Il-76MD profit from Orenburg to the airfield Ivanovo North, where soldiers from the 98th airborne division prepared the equipment for loading and transportation of the area of teaching. In addition to the crews of aircraft Il-76MD on the teaching will also be involved in group flight management and safety of landing,” – noted in the defense Ministry.

First doctrine “Slavic brotherhood” was held last year on the ground Rayevsky near Novorossiysk on the base of the mountain airborne compounds.