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В США обнаружена авиакомпания, которая за 27 лет не выполнила ни одного рейса

Boeing 747-200 of the airlines Baltia Air Lines. Photo: Jeffrey S. DeVore

In the U.S. state of Michigan journalists discovered the airline, which in 27 years of existence have not made a single flight. In the beginning of its existence, the company called Baltia Air Lines, founded by an immigrant from Riga, promised to arrange non-stop flights from new York to St. Petersburg. It is reported Michigan Radio.

According to journalists, the airline Baltia Air Lines has at its disposal two long-haul Boeing 747-200. One of the liners is at the airport willow Run (Willow Run Airport) in Michigan, and, according to local residents, “pretty funny looks” on the backdrop of a small aircraft to local carriers. By the way, the modification of the Boeing 747 — 747-200 — is obsolete. Today, almost all instances of flying Boeing 747-200 converted in the cargo version.

In 1989 the airline was founded by the native of Riga, Igor Dmitrov. In the early days of Baltia Air Lines, based at that time in new York, promised to begin the implementation of comfortable flights in Saint Petersburg, and then add routes in Georgia, Belarus and Latvia.

However, the airline immediately faced with a number of legal obstacles, in the end, never received permission to fly from the Federal aviation administration (FAA). Guide even relocated the company from new York to Michigan, hoping that it will be easier to get permission for their activities, but nothing came of it. All Baltia Air Lines seven times he failed the certification to the FAA.

After this carrier began economic problems and unsuccessful attempts to find an investor. The company tried to position itself as international, but considerable money was never received, earning about $ 48 million on the sale of the shares. As of March 2016 Baltia Air Lines has zero income and deficit $ 119 million.

According to journalists, a few investors have lost tens of thousands of dollars, invested in shares of the company. Guide Baltia Air Lines while not making any public statements and responding to queries from the press.

Despite the fact that the airline for 27 years did not make a single flight on the website Baltia Air Lines stated that she is the incumbent carrier providing “a high level of service and quality of passenger, cargo and mail air transportation”. Just as long as the company is certified to the FAA.

Despite the lack of activity in 2014, “the airline Ghost” has sponsored the local Airshow Thunder Over Michigan. While his company representative said that in the near future, Baltia Air Lines will be one of the major us carriers.

On the Internet there are several videos showing that the aircraft sometimes fly, but where?