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В ТУСУРе создана установка для эффективного отпугивания птиц от аэродромов The Tomsk University of control systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR) have developed a bio-acoustic bird repeller, new type. Device of acoustic effect allows to effectively deter birds from airfields with a focused acoustic beam and the reproduction of alarm signals. About it reports a press-service of the University.

The problem of preventing collisions of birds with aircraft is one of the urgent problems for the staff of the airfields. To prevent collision of aircraft with birds developed several sets of high-tech activities. Widely now used the programmable bio-acoustic bird scarers. The principle of such devices is the playback of alarm calls of birds or repellent signals. However, despite the broad set of alarm bells quickly enough there comes a habituation effect, so you have to apply such inhuman methods like shooting birds.

In Tusure developed unit, which works as a sound cannon, does not cause fatal harm to living beings, but effectively affects their behavior. Nikolai p. Krasnenko, developer, Professor, Department of electronic systems: “Developed by our research team, the device allows you to influence birds using acoustic signals of high power in the direction of the runway. We direct the acoustic beam at the flock of birds that are exposed to the strongest sound effects and leave the territory. Our device acoustic stimulation can be applied directly prior to takeoff of the aircraft to scare birds away from the runway”.

The use of this technology does not cause concern to others, passengers and airport staff the acoustic radiation is generated in a narrow sector, which significantly reduces the impact of sound on people that are close to the working area of the installation.

The plant can operate in the traditional mode of bioacoustics repeller, reproducing the alarm signals of birds. Thus according to its specifications it is more powerful and more reliable than existing counterparts. Commonly used systems consist of piezoelectric or electrodynamic horn loudspeaker, stationary or mobile, with a small radius of action. According to the developers, the main disadvantages of the systems are relatively small power, small range and sensitivity to weather conditions.

“Developed in Tusure device of acoustic effect is based on another principle of action is not an isolated horn speakers and antenna array consisting of many individual radiating elements. The system is devoid of the disadvantages of conventional systems and has benefits such as greater range (not less than 1 000 m), high signal strength, direction of impact, high frost resistance (minimum operating temperature minus 30 ° C)”, – reminded in Tusure.