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Не зависящий от санкций спутник ГЛОНАСС разработают к концу года  The appearance of the navigation spacecraft “GLONASS-K2”, production of which will not depend on sanctions will be determined by the end of this year. This was reported today TASS Deputy General Director of the Russian space Agency Mikhail Khailov.

“This year we are completing the basic design studies of the spacecraft “GLONASS-K2″, which will be importonezavisimy. It is scheduled to be launched into orbit in the area 2019-2020”, – he said.

As explained Khailov, development of such a device is associated with the decision to use significant space systems components, the supply of which is not dependent on external political and economic factors.

“The goal is to create importonezavisimy spacecraft, and it is solved. This does not mean that we will fully try to do it only from domestic materials and on the basis of the Russian electronic component base, but there are solutions that allow data to satellites regardless of any sanctions. Of course, the advantage is given to the use of domestic components,” he said.

Earlier, the CEO of the company “Russian space systems” (RKS) has also stated that RKS designs equipment for satellites of the GLONASS system is a new generation without the use of imported components in the framework of the ROC “GLONASS-KK-“Independence”. According to him, such a spacecraft should appear in 2019-2020.