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Индонезия продолжает переговоры с Россией о покупке Су-35 Indonesia continues negotiations about purchase of the Russian party of nine or ten su-35 fighter jets, Reuters reported citing a representative of the Indonesian military, reports RIA Novosti.

“Indonesia is negotiating the purchase from Russia of “nine or ten” su-35, said Reuters the representative of the Indonesian Ministry of defence, without providing details about the timing of the transaction,” the Agency says.

“We are still in negotiations,” — said the Agency representative of the Ministry of defense, whose name was not fully given. “We are still negotiating on the question “how much do you want us to sell them”, he added.

Earlier, the Ambassador of Indonesia in Russia Wahid Supriadi said that Indonesia intends to buy eight Russian su-35. According to him, the country’s laws also provide for the transfer of technology. In late April, the state Corporation rostec said that a decision in principle for the supply of su-35 Indonesia has already been made and are now discussed details of the forthcoming agreement.

In September the Deputy General Director of JSC “Rosoboronexport” Sergei Goreslavsky, the Deputy head of the diplomatic mission of Indonesia in Russia Symbolon, Lasro said that Russia and Indonesia continue talks at expert level on the supply of Russian su-35, as well as discuss a possible contract to supply aircraft-amphibian be-200.

At the end of last year the Minister of defence stated that he had received from the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo’s direct order to buy su-35 to replace obsolete American fighters F-5 Tiger, whose age has reached 40 years.