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Международный аэропорт Фукуоки частично обесточен после провала грунта в городе The airport of the Japanese city of Fukuoka, partially de-energized after a large sinkhole near a large railway station “Hakata”, which is located about two kilometers from the air port, reports TASS.

As reported on Tuesday, the NHK television station on the territory of its international terminal in the morning was discontinued the supply of electricity to the stores and outlets.

As explained in network company Kyushu Ekectric Power Company, the electricity in the airport’s international terminal is partially fed through cables which are laid close to the scene of an emergency. However, at the arrival and dispatch of flights, the incident has not affected, in the normal mode and the ticketing system. However, there was a failure in the loading system. Without light there are still 170 homes in the area of the incident.

Local authorities evacuate people in buildings near the scene. Reported that the possible failures of soil in areas where there are these houses. In the area of the incident the smell of gas.

About the failures of their systems in connection with the incident reported and the Bank of Fukuoka Bank, which stopped working the online payment system. Also there are some ATMs. As told by eyewitnesses, the incident occurred early in the morning when in this area of the city were still not enough people and machines, although located near a major railway station “Hakata” where you come to a high-speed train from Tokyo. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. Pariprasna first on the road appeared two holes with a diameter of about three meters, then the area of failure had increased. Currently, the diameter of the hole is about 20 meters, the hole partially filled with water.

Next to the emergency workers were engaged in the extension of the metro line “Hanakuma”. They were forced to suspend work in the tunnel due to the fact that it for some unknown reason, began to enter the water. Authorities are exploring whether these two cases.