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The absolute leader in the top of the gift preferences in tourism has become a simple human thank you

Travel agents in Russia can spread on bread anything, even thanks. Is it their natural altruism or lack of money, the editors of the HotLine.travel does not know. This only demonstrated by the figures obtained in the course of Friday’s poll “What would you like to receive a gift from a very satisfied client?”

iPhone 7 хотят всего 5 % турагентов

Almost 40% of respondents said that they have enough kind words. However, with the caveat – “if only the discount is not requested”.

20% of respondents hope to receive gifts from satisfied customers, but there is no particular preference – they love surprises.

Note that 15% of agents prone to hedonism in one way or another. For someone the most precious gift is “sanctionee”. In the group HotLine.travel on Facebook, for example, representatives of retailers admit that they do not mind to eat extraordin Spanish cheese. Many will be happy with the ham or olive oil. There are those who will gladly take the gift of good alcohol from duty free. By the way, contrary to popular belief, drinkers only 8 %.

Notorious materialists, who love to receive gifts, in tourism too little. For example, those who dream about a seventh the iPhone, only 5 %.

It should be noted the breadth of the soul of Russian tourists, only 6% of respondents did not receive from the tourists gifts. We can only wish all frequently come across such customers who have problems with the wallet and gratitude does not happen. For example, as in this video.