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Anna Vazovsky – new year entertainment at the resort “Gorky Gorod”

In Krasnaya Polyana are in full swing preparing for the New year. How will you entertain guests? Really there yet to book a room in holiday dates? What is being done to prevent queues at the ticket office and lifts? This was told by Anna Vazovskaya, marketing Director and all-season mountain resort “Gorky Gorod”.

Можно ли кататься на горных лыжах под бой курантов?

Anna, before the Christmas holidays remained two months. How are sales numbers to the highest date of the season?

By the end of October in “zoom” loading hotels made up about 90% of the inventory. It is customary for us history. Now sale rooms during the period from December 30 to January 4, apartments Gorky Gorod is closed. But there are still places in hotels.

The experience of past seasons, public holidays in Krasnaya Polyana rushes many visitors from outside, a queue to the ticket office and lifts. For this reason there has been criticism in social networks. Do you plan to introduce any restrictions on the sale of ski passes to guests of your hotels to ride in comfort?

Guests staying in the hotels of the resort, is always a priority. We orientirueshsya on the situation and at any moment ready to react. In the past year we have not introduced restrictions on the sale of ski passes, as in our resort, unlike its neighbors, has been the chance a comfortable ride thanks to the wide track and the area of the Eastern sector. The queue for the lift was no more than 15 minutes, that is normal. In the cash desks of the resort there were no queues longer than 20 minutes.

So, do what you want. But some measures in order to avoid crowds take?

We have already worked out a scheme of actions in high demand and have ensured that even at peak times guests spend no more than 10-15 minutes in the queue for the cable car. Our staff manage the process – to help everyone fit in the booth, put the ski equipment in special bindings, report in booths available. By the way, the average capacity of ski lifts – 2 400 people per hour. In General, we can.

Trails at the resort as I mentioned, is quite wide – all guests can ride and never feel in the Moscow metro during rush hour.

In addition to the cable car queue can build up at the box office. What is being done to prevent them?

This year we installed electronic terminals for the sale of ski passes, thus be able to distribute client flow and speed up the process. Machines will work all season, and they can buy ski passes in advance. On the official website of the resort will appear in the online store, which will be also in the sale of ski passes.

And I want to remind you that the resort “Gorki Gorod” operates “fast-track”. The ticket cost 7 500 RUB gives the right queue to Board at all stations of the cableway, valid for one day.

Now about pleasant. You and your colleagues have already prepared a special entertainment program for new year’s day?

Of course! For a few days – from December 31 to January 8 – the whole “Town” will turn into the magical world of the beloved fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. The characters of Lewis Carroll is located in the resort, will entertain the guests and to be photographed with them. To heighten the festive atmosphere, set the light objects and in the evenings we will arrange a luxury illumination. Each guest will be able to take in the tale and again to feel like a child.

What does the new year night?..

In the Lower town of the resort at the elevation of +540 m above sea level will host a concert and fireworks from independent creative group “Fire people”. It is a mix of theater and circus, fantastic stunts, fiery improvisation and emotional contact with the audience.

Will, of course, fireworks – come, I promise that you will like.

And how are you preparing for the holiday restaurants?

According to tradition, each of them creates for our guests a special program of new year’s eve: live performances by cover bands, contests, Raffles and special entertainment for children.

We want the people of the “City” could hold long-awaited this very night, as desired, to celebrate the New year with his family in their cozy apartment, and then join the festive celebrations, or to enjoy a holiday at your favorite restaurant with great music.

On new year’s day, the resort will work with the crew of “roller Coaster” TV that will make a movie about all the events. Everyone will be able to get into the scene and share experiences about your time in the mountains. It will be great to see yourself on the screen and again to relive the happy moments.

And Santa Claus is expected? Certainly tourists want their children received gifts.

This year we paid special attention to the preparation of the festive program for children. In the Lower city every day will pass the dramatized show with participation of famous artists of the musical “Alice” and, of course, the main fairy-tale characters of winter – Ded Moroz and Snegurochka. Children will be in the center of adventure!

Another question: will the night of December 31 to January 1 accessible ski facilities? You know, there are people who need to be happy just skating.

As for tracks, the chime of the bells they don’t work, because it is not secure against General emotional recovery and under the champagne. But on 31 December you can ride in the evening to 23 o’clock, for some guests it is a good tradition. Also early in the morning of 1 January they will go to the slopes, to symbolically open the New year with a great ski descent.

I wonder, Anne, what do you usually celebrate? And what are your plans this time?

I always strive to celebrate the New year in the classical manner – in Moscow with relatives. To leave at this time on the edge of the world and to decorate a palm tree instead of a Christmas tree – not for me. For happiness I need a night in with the family, the snow, the atmosphere of the Russian winter.

This year I slightly change its tradition to celebrate I’ll be in the mountains of Sochi. But then, believe me, Christmas tale – as you see. And thankfully, my favorite people will be able to spend this magical time with me!