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The tour operator was attracted by credit organization, in order to dispel the doubts of travel agents

To open a Bank account in Alfa-Bank and bind it to the reservation system Pegasus – such a scheme to work in retail, the operator announced on 1 November at a joint press conference with representatives of the Bank. According to General Director Anna Podgornaya, in the presence of a certain amount of funds in the account will be enough to work “in the name and on behalf” of the tour operator. Will survive if the scheme is among the travel agents?

Выгодно ли платить «Пегасу» через «Альфа-Банк»?

Recall that Pegasus was one of the first major companies that announced their plans of working with travel agencies since the new year. In early October, the tour operator has introduced three types of cooperation.

Most meaningful was the second type of contract, related to the availability of financial support in the form of a payment or Bank guarantee. But this scheme has its own nuances. Even if the banks will agree to vouch for the travel agents, they still require to “freeze” an amount equivalent to demand guarantees or to provide collateral.

Account at Alfa-Bank, tied to the reservation system, is a kind of a compromise. The travel agent will still have to pay him a certain amount that he can pay for tours. The advantage is that balances in the account “no frost” neither the Bank nor the tour operator and remain at the disposal of a travel agent. He is entitled to spend on any needs. In addition, participation in the calculation of Alfa-Bank serves as an additional guarantee that even in case of insolvency of the tour operator money will not be wasted.

This is another contrast to the work in which funds are entered as a Deposit to the tour operator and are “frozen” until needed. By the way, as says General Director of “Pegasus” Anna Podgornaya, security payment uncomfortable not just retail – it is an extra burden for the operator.

According to Podgorny, the idea is to link the booking system of the tour operator with the Bank account of the travel agent came out of what is happening in the market legislative changes. But right now the scheme can be claimed. Counterparts, according to the authors, in tourism yet. This was confirmed by other market participants.

Travel agents, meanwhile, began to speak about the pros and cons of working in this scheme. Some, in particular, have figured the cost of the annual costs for servicing the account and decided that not worth powder and shot. They felt that the annual payment to the Bank for this scheme of work can be from 20 to 30 thousand rubles.

Others suggest that the need to work through an account tied to the reservation system of the tour operator, will disappear by itself. According to the latest news from the Ministry of culture the mention of a power of attorney from tour operators can be removed from the law. As a result, everything will return to normal and to change anything in the usual paperwork and payment of the booked tours do not have. What do you think? Take part in the survey.